February 4, 2013

The London Bag by Nella Bella - Spring 2013

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to share with you Nella Bella's best selling product - The London Bag!!!
For Spring 2013, Nella Bella has launched three new fabrications and my London Bag is in Nu Retro, which is a really soft and smooth vegan material. Its available in three colors black, red and blue.

So please welcome the multi tasker - The London Bag!!! (drumroll!!)
London Nu Retro for Spring 2013
The London bag is rightly called the "multi-tasker" as I can do so much with it, according to my needs. This is especially great when travelling, without having the need to carry too many bags.
As shown in the picture below, everything in this bag is detachable - the handles, the chimes and the large and small handbags. I can easily transform this bag from a small shoulder bag to a wallet, a fanny pack or a full size messenger bag. The possibilities are immense.

All the items shown in the pictures are included in the package (except the contents of the bag, hehehe), including:
  • A large bag
  • A clutch
  • Detachable chain, cross body strap, a handle and charms 
  • Dust bag

The London Bag - All in one Messenger Bag

The detachable cross body strap can be adjusted to my height. It securely attaches to the small and the large handbag to create a messenger bag, ideal for travelling. 

Image Source: http://www.nella-bella.com/collections/spring_2013/london_nu_retro_black

The London Bag- Full Size Handbag
This is a good sized handbag on its own. I love to wear it with the handle shown in the pic below, as its much comfortable on the shoulder when the bag is full. The chimes can be detached so whenever I feel they are grabbing too much attention, through the sound in silent spaces, I can conveniently detach it. I personally like the charms as they add a bit of personality to the bag.
Again, the handle can be replaced with the chain, for a more glamorous feel.

 This is what it looks like when full of my stuff...

The large handbag has plenty of storage space with two inner pockets, a zip pocket and a ziper pocket at the back. It makes it so much easier to carry a lot of stuff in an organized fashion.

The small bag fits in perfectly in the large bag as a wallet or a makeup bag.

The London Bag - Small Handbag
I have used this one the most in the past week, and I love its size. It can become a wallet and fit in almost any handbag and with chain or handle attached, it could be a nice sized party bag. I love carrying this at night time.

Even this comes with two inner pockets and a inner zip pocket! I love bags with pockets that helps me keep all my little things organized :)

Lastly - The charms

These look so good on this rather smooth and plain textured handbag. I love how it can be detached and hung on to the small bag or the large bag.

Overall, I would say, I love this bag for its practicality and design. Its made with vegan materials, which are soft, smooth and durable. Nu Retro has a bit of self design in it which makes it stand apart from other fabrications. This material does not crease, and bears all the scratches I make, while travelling or with my nails (shame). I only wished there were more options available in this bag, like the one with gold or silver pyramid studs or may be round. I feel the large handbag leaves lots of room for customization, so I may stick rows of gold studs on the bottom to make it look more edgy.
All in all, I love The London Bag - as a messenger, a full sized handbag or a clutch - this bag is definitely gonna stay with me for long! <3

Nella Bella's Spring 2013 collection is in stores from today!! Don't forget to check out other exciting styles included in this collection.

The London Bag in Nu Retro is available in three colors and retails at $125. You can find out more at www.nella-bella.com

Hope you enjoyed this review and please share your thoughts on the Nella Bella London Bag!!


  1. Such a multi tasker it is. I love playing around with charms of different shapes/sizes on plain bags. Nice review.

  2. small handbag is more beautiful and stylish then the bigger one.. i love it

  3. Aww!!! This is sucha multi-tasker beauty in my opinion !! Thanks for sharing xx