December 8, 2012

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream Review

I have never been a fan of BB cream because I read more negative reviews than positive, especially since the shade range is limited. Luckily I got to try Garnier's Skin Renew - Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, as a sample in one of the beauty boxes I got in July, I think.. I also got samples of Loreal's Youth Code BB Cream as part of their online promotion. So I actually tried both before I decided which one to go with.

Thats the amount I need for my face and neck

And its gone! Did you notice that shine on my skin? It does make skin appear shiny but definitely not oily.

I bought this few months ago from my local Walmart for CAD 12.99.  It comes in just two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, so its difficult to decide which one to go with. Since the samples I'd tried were in the lighter shade, I bought the Light/Medium shade,which is definitely not the right shade for lighter complexions,as the shade is slightly more tanned than what is expected of.
When I tried this the first time, I noticed it has pink tones that can appear more pink if I layer up, but if applied moderately, to just cover the entire face, it actually looks pretty natural. I used it for day and night time and  I noticed the coverage it gives stays for hours and hours. Moreover, the weather is cold and dry, so I did not find it to get oily, but I do fear that this will not be as appropriate for Summer time.
It makes skin appear shiny which I like because, I feel it makes my skin look healthy. It does make my skin appear more even toned and even the shade sort of adjusts to my complexion after a few minutes of application without making the pink tones obvious.
It covers my skin like a foundation would and honestly, it does look like makeup and I spend half the time applying it than I would with my foundation. So this can be a great option for busy women who want to look great with minimal effort. Its hydrating and a good for Winters or dry weather. I actually do agree with the claims on the package because it hasn't failed to impress me as yet.

If the pink tones are bothersome or if you have oily skin, I would suggest you try Loreal's Youth Code BB Cream. The shade I tried was Light which is slightly yellow..more medium neutral-yellow and is amazing for Asian skin tones. The only reason I did not go for it is because it made my skin feel too dry! For this reason, I feel it should work for oily skinned beauties.

Hope you found this review useful.. Let me know if you have used this and how you found it to be :)


  1. very nice review of this product with brilliant swatches

  2. I still haven't tried any by creams haha, they are soo hard to come across in Pakistan.

  3. It have tried maybelline ,loreal and garner ones and among all I feel loreal has Better shade match up :) great review

  4. i will try based foundation or bbs dont suit me one bit :(

  5. Great review, I still need to try out BB creams.
    Thanks for sharing xx

  6. I'll try this garnier now after reading your review; it sounded convincing. It was a nice review it is difficult to rely on such products like the BB cream you mentioned. nice post