December 6, 2012

Rimmel Launches New Match Perfection BB Cream


For thousands of years the evils of an uneven complexion and imperfect skin have roamed the earth.  But what’s this? A hero appears from the shadows… At last women can dream of fabulous flawless complexions once again. Up in the bathroom cupboard… look! Is it a foundation? Is it skincare?  No, it’s Rimmel London’s New BB Cream!!! With its 9-in-1 superpowers, Rimmel’s New BB Cream is here to save the day and free us with Un –BB- liveable super skin.

But what is this the true identity of this mysterious new hero? BB Cream is in reality a Beauty Balm here to bring together the powers of makeup and skincare. A secret formula gives our hero 9 incredible superpowers all in one tube. It primes skin, locks in moisture, blasts away the appearance of pores and, like a true hero always help protect your skin. But that’s not where its superpowers end.  In un-BB-leivable fashion, Rimmel’s BB Cream conceals blemishes, completely covers, smoothes skin, mattifies, and brightens! So with an amazing 9 superpowers, Rimmel’s BB Cream is your skin’s new secret weapon! With great powers come great skin!

The high tech formula lasts all day, and with its very natural coverage, skin always looks naturally flawless, never overdone! POW! Fight away the appearance of pores, shine and imperfections. THACK! Your skin stays moisturised and protected. POP! Like a true hero it also has the super strong power of SPF 25 to help protect skin leaving it bright and feeling amazing.

Seems like too great of a job for our hero? Fear not! To each person their shade.  Two suit-all hues are all that’s required: Light and Medium/Dark.  Each shade delivers a very lightweight and fresh texture with an even finish that covers many kinds of imperfections leaving your face looking so natural and feeling so comfortable. It’s like you’re not wearing makeup! 

But what’s a superhero without its costume? Colour matched to each shade, Rimmel’s BB Cream proudly sports its number 9 on each tube. Reminding us that whatever the evil, BB Cream is here to protect our skin!

Rimmel girl Georgia May Jagger comes to the rescue in the new BB Cream advertising. All decked out in a sexy red leather outfit, Georgia is the prefect Captain London with her fierce leather union jack gloves. With her flawless skin and new BB cream she is set to save the world from the evils of bad skin!

Blemishes? Shiny forehead? This looks like a job for Rimmel’s BB Cream!!


A new superhero has risen out of the shadows to protect our skin.  Introducing, Rimmel’s BB Cream!  With its 9 amazing superpowers it’s bound to give you UN-BB-Lievably great looking skin.

Skincare benefits:                   Makeup benefits:
primes                                       conceals
moisturises                                covers
minimises appearance of pores    smoothes
helps protect                              mattifies

So fear no more. Rimmel’s BB is here. The foe of all skin evils.

Shades:                                   Light

Recommended Retail Price:   39 AED 

On-Counter:                            February 2013


  1. un-BB-elievable hehe
    great product will defintly try it.

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