September 8, 2012

Why Do Intelligent Women Torment Themselves With Trivia?

Why Do Intelligent Women Torment Themselves With Trivia?
Most women would consider themselves to have a degree of intelligence or at least a modicum of common sense. Yet the webs of deceit we’re repeatedly drawn into continually astound the rational thinker within.
Most men seem to see advertising hype for what it is. They’re neither deceived by the outlandish claims nor particularly outraged by their sheer gall. It’s almost as though the male species has been fitted with an automatic reality checker thus sparing themselves the necessity of having to schedule one in on a regular basis.
Why is it then that rational females still seem to quite literally buy into the hype? We know that a pot of something peachy isn’t going to be the elixir of eternal youth and yet our bathroom cabinets still hold an array of aromatic lotions and potions. Compare this to the somewhat sparse counterpart of your male companion and you have to wonder why it is that we’re such a sucker for the sales pitch.
We’re fully au fait with the fact that slim hips do not equate to happiness just as firm thighs do not necessitate fulfilment and yet that nagging voice always suggests otherwise. That elusive half a stone is all that stands between you and your very own existential epiphany. The execution of a perfect sun salutation may suggest self-fulfilment but when it comes to comfort nothing quite compares to a bowl of crisps and a glass of wine. Yet we still delude ourselves otherwise.
We know rationally that when we head to the shops in search of a jacket that that is all our chosen purchase can possibly be. However, in our minds we’re irrationally scouring the rails of womens coats in the hope that we stumble across that one statement piece that will take the wearer from day to night and anywhere else in between. It will transform even the frumpiest woman into a fashion icon and god.
Such thinking is craziness in the extreme and we’re fully aware of that fact. Yet the self-imposed torment of whether to wear patterned tights still takes up our thoughts. Frivolous fancies about age-appropriate dressing still abound and artful accessorising accounts for far more of our mental capacity than we care to admit.
Overall, the mind of a woman is a complex realm filled with far more questions than answers and far more conundrums than one person can ever hope to solve. Why do intelligent women continue to torment themselves with such trivial matters? Because it’s our nature of course.

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