September 19, 2012

My Top Picks for Fall Fashion, 2012

Fall is the time of year we all love. Its bright and sunny but not ridiculously hot so we can do a lot of outdoor stuff without getting sweaty. Well, I have not been as sweaty in Summers here as I would have been in Karachi but anyways, Fall clothing is definitely something to look forward to. I love wrapping around knitted scarves and guess what! Leather is so freaking in this Fall!! If you have been following the Fall Fashion Shows, you may have noticed a lot of prints, whether animal, tribal or just polka dots and some color combos that scream Fall. Anyways, here are my top picks for Fall 2012!

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Leather is trending in this Fall and it does not have to be a leather jacket! Leather pants are so in fashion! I found these at Danier for $299 but I heard similar stuff (in faux leather or sthg) is available at mid range stores, but I need to dig in.
Aren't these just gorgeous?


If you aren't too comfortable with going for leather pants, you can incorporate it your outfit as a skirt, or leather gloves, belts, hat or just a wrist band. Its totally up to you how to style. I like this center leather panel in this top, but I am not too keen on leather top with leather pants..Check out this jumper with faux leather front from Zara for $54.90



Since there were a lot of prints on the runway, I can't resist  some printed tops for myself. Honestly, I have been a plain/textured top person with printed scarves, but I would love to see how printed tops look with printed pants or scarves.  Check out these two outfits by Prada for Fall 2012. It looks like this Fall is all about print and I am pretty excited about that!!

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Black and white seems to have made a come back this Fall but honestly, I prefer the traditional rustic tones for Fall. I rarely wear burgundy, mahongany, brown and taupes at any other time of the year so I would really want to revamp my wardrobe with some captivating traditional fall shades. A great way yo add Fall color to outfits is through a cardigan or a scarf. I am lately in love with cardigans at H&M. They are super affordable with a variety of colors to choose from.
And of course don't forget the corals!! Corals have really fascinated me this whole year!
 Hope you enjoyed my top picks for Fall. Let me know which trends have caught your attention and whats on your next shopping list!

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