August 30, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone Review and Swatches

This post is special because it features a palette that was gifted to me by my long time friend - I guess its over 15 years that we had been friends! Although, I rarely even look at Wet n Wild products in store, I was surprised to see how awesome this Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette was. Retailing at just over CAD 5, this much raved about eyeshadow palette is sure to impress most of us. 
Today I will be swatching and reviewing Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone.


Left side of the palette

Right Side of the Palette


The color selection in this palette is outstanding. Its basically a neutral palette but gives you the option of adding some green and duo chromatic colors to your eyes. All the shades have the same shimmery, buttery texture and major fall out issues.  The fall out gets worse with the darker shades. They have no individual names so I grouped them in to the Left and Right Side for easier classification and review.

Left Side of the Palette
I love the left of the palette. It has a gold tones off white shade for the brow bone, a peach shade for the lid, a medium brown for the crease and a dark brown with golden shimmer as a definer.
Its got most of the colors I need for a neutral/everyday look. My favorite is the brow bone shade and the lid shade which I use ALL THE TIME! It is missing a matte brown. I wished that crease brown shade was not shimmery/frosty so it could have easily been the perfect one for me. The definer shade is a intense shimmery dark brown color, which I really love, however, the fall out is insane and that keeps me from using it.
Overall, the four shades on the left side, are a perfect combo of what a neutral palette should have. This combination is very common too, both in the drug store quad palettes and the high end eyeshadow quads. If you are new to neutral shadows, you can definitely experiment using this palette as its cheap and the color pay off is outstanding.

Right Side of the Palette
This has a very different combination, as it features a grassy green shade for lids, a cool grey for the brow bone, a black+forest gold for crease and a duo chromatic reddish+greyblue shade as a definer.

I rarely use this side of the palette because the shades aren't as versatile as the left side. The only color I use is the crease shade and I use it mostly on the lash line, as a smudged liner.

Overall, I like this palette and I feel the texture is great, the pigmentation is great but the fall out makes it very hard to use the darker colors. I love the fact that I never have to use a primer with these because they last a really long time, and don't crease and already have a vibrant color pay off.

UPDATE: As I mentioned that I don't use the right side of the palette, overtime, this side has cracked and the eye shadows have fallen off the palette :O . I usually use the golden white highlight shade and the peach lid color from the left of this palette and those two shades have stayed well in the pan. Moreover, the acrylic, cheap plastic packaging is completely unreliable for traveling as the lid broke while I carried in in my makeup bag and the darker colors broke out slightly and you can only guess what a mess it was. Won't recommend.   

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