December 11, 2021

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review + Results

I am quite sure you have heard about PEACEOUT skincare products and how they are designed to target skincare problems. I shared the Wrinkles patches by PEACEOUT last year and one of my major concerns was the additional indentations the patches would leave on my forehead and also the excessive packaging. I loved the formulation but wished there was more product in the package! So, I decided to try the PEACEOUT Retinol Eye Stick which is packaged like a lip balm and its designed to just swipe in the eye area every night. I am so happy with this product that I wanted to share the results with you today!

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review
PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review

PEACEOUT Retinol Eye Stick Review
PEACEOUT  Retinol Eye Stick Review

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review


When I applied the Peaceout Retinol Eye Stick the first night, I followed all instructions and felt quite comfortable with a retinol eye treatment, since I already used retinol products on my face. But as my undereye area was still unexposed to retinol especially the corners of my eyes, hence it flared up the next morning. I literally freaked out when I saw my skin, because my entire family was home the following day, and I wasn't prepared to share why my eyes were swollen and red. Concealer did the trick and by the end of the day the swelling and the redness subsided. I took a break the following night and applied it again though I was still worried about a reaction, I thought, it can't be so bad. As you can see below, I still ended up with slightly less swelling and redness on my second application as well. 

Since my skin was reacting to this retinol treatment, I knew it will work, so I continued using it every other day for the next month.  

PEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Review ResultsPEACEOUT SKINCARE Retinol Eye Stick Before and After

After a month of applying this on alternate days, I did not notice anything substantial so I did not photograph it. 

Then I began using it daily as instructed on the packaging and after two months, there was a huge difference in the corners of my eyes! That creasing in the corner of my eye that you can see in the photo above, has softened quite a bit in the photos below. It is quite unnoticeable now and though, I know, I laugh and talk a lot and its natural for me to have all those lines as I grow older, I am so happy that this Peaceout Retinol Eye Stick worked well to soften the crows feet significantly. 

I still wake up to some redness in the corner of my eyes, but it fades as the day progresses and it isn't much noticeable either. 

Overall I am quite pleased with the results and will continue to use this treatment and repurchase when I run out. I always feel that winters is the best time to start a retinol treatment, because there is much less sun to protect my skin from. If you are on the edge, thinking about incorporating a retinol eye cream then this affordable eye treatment from Peaceout Skincare will not disappoint. It's available at Sephora for $37 in Canada.
Please keep in mind that it does take patience for retinol treatments to work, especially those purchased without prescription such as products from Sephora. Before using the Peaceout Retinol Eye Stick, I was always thinking about getting undereye fillers, but now I can put that on hold and see if my undereyes can bounce back on their own. I highly recommend adding a retinol eye cream to your routine, because it made such a difference to the overall health of my skin.  So far, I am loving it!

Have you tried this? Let me know!

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