July 19, 2020

PEACE OUT Wrinkles - Anti Wrinkle Microneedling Retinol Patches - Review

Hello there, my friends!
I thought I am going to take a sabbatical in 2020 and just hope to stay alive and meet you all again in 2021 with good health and high spirits. Guess what, we are back at it again. And I am very excited today because I am sharing something which will make all your skin dreams come true! You know you should go for a facial, maybe a mani-pedi, but the fears of COVID-19 are stopping you? Well, here's the good news...these microneedling anti wrinkle patches from Peace Out are the perfect treatment for those in between touchups. For me these patches are a way to prolong my skin's elasticity by injecting hyaluronic acids, retinol and vitamin C so my fine lines do not turn into wrinkles. 

Ok, maybe I need to clear out my skin situation first. I do not currently have deep wrinkles, BUT I have started to notice more lines around my eyes when I smile. They stick around as fine lines for some time before disappearing. This might be considered the first sign that my skin is loosing its elasticity and I am turning 35 this year! There is another line right between my eyebrows which I noticed first about 2 years ago, while I took a selfie under the sun. I initially thought it's because I am squinting under the bright sunlight, but as the months went by that line is settling in. There is an actual line between my eyebrows which is most noticeable when I wake up, it plumps up as the day goes by, but shows up as soon as I step in the sun!!
How annoying is that?!!
Hence, I decided to partake my first 'retinol needling' experience, using a sort of hyped up brand on social media called Peace Out ✌. This is also the first time I tried a wrinkle patch, so do I like it, does it work? I will answer all of that in the post below and will also update here, as the weeks go by. 

The Peace Out Microneedling Retinol Patches are designed to  smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by using a patent pending “self-dissolving micro needles” technology which introduce retinol, vitamin C and peptides in skin over a period of 6 hours or overnight. 
Each patch contains 450 self-dissolving microneedles that create tiny pathways for age-fighting ingredients and these anti wrinkle patches can be applied to crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and 11 wrinkles. I am using it on the one line on my forehead. I suspect that as I age, that line between my eyebrows will deepen making me appear angry all the time. That concern alone, was enough for me to order these patches online. 

  • Cleanse and dry your face
  • Remove the white protective layer around the perimeter of the patch 
  • Apply to targeted area, for me it is between the brows so I only use one patch per treatment
  • Gently press for 5-10 seconds, it will hurt a bit
  • Leave it on for at least 6 hours or overnight for best results
  • Use twice weekly for at least two consecutive weeks for smoother-looking skin
The way I use it is that, I apply the patch at night around 11pm after my night prayer and leave it on till 5pm until my morning prayer. I wish I had applied these longer, like for 8-9 hours, but during summers this is the schedule I am following. I can do 2 treatments in a week and since this box contains 6 patches, that means I can go up to 3 weeks with this box which retails for C$37 at Sephora Canada. 

I actually got it using my Beauty Insider $10 discount in exchange for 500pts (ouch) , so it was $27 for me with free shipping (yay!) !! I am glad I did not spend a lot just to try out how my skin feels with this new-to-me treatment.

Since I am still in my first week of using this, I can not be sure if this works for me or not, but each week I shall be updating this post and sharing my before and after photos! 

Bookmark this page to see how the Peace Out Wrinkles - Anti Wrinkle Microneedling Retinol Patches work for an almost 35 year old with a singular fine line between the eyebrows and see if this is something you might need. 

More to come soon! In the mean time, if you would like to try these yourself, you can order Peace Out Wrinkles from Sephora Canada for $37 for a box of 6 patches.


Week 1
I used the patches twice, once on Sunday evening and the second on Wednesday evening. I simply removed the white outer layer and applied between my brows after cleansing and drying my skin. 
The next morning when I removed the retinol patch, I could still see the shadow of patch on my forehead. It was very visible to me, but thankfully my husband did not notice. I applied some concealer on it and went about the day as usual. When I removed my makeup in the evening, I could still see that 'outline'. I was a little worried but the next morning there was nothing on my forehead. Even the line between my brows, that I am treating seemed less noticeable. 
After the second application, the mark of the retinol patch was less noticeable but I also realized that the patch did not fully dissolve the next morning. See picture below:
I don't know if this is ok or not, because the patches are already quite small in size and if those retinol needles don't fully dissolve, then I am not getting the full benefit out of it. Am I right? I will only know at the end of 2nd week.

Week 2
Peace Out Skincare recommends using these patches for at least 2 consecutive, so I used the two patches for this week and the results are the same. That outline of the patch remained on my forEhead when I removed the patch in the morning. I line itself did seem less noticeable and it does feel like the patches work. I will post a before an after at the end of this post. 
Anyways, so I decided to apply the patch horizontally for the first 3 hours and then right before going to bed, I removed it and reapplied it vertically. I only did this so there is less of a mark on the forehead in the morning. It did seem to work slightly, but I am unsure if it reduces the efficacy of the patch. 
So far, the line between my eyebrows, was invisible in the morning but reappears by the end of the day. 


Week 3
I used the last two patches in a rush because I made a sudden decision to fly to my parents house and decided to complete this treatment before leaving. I used the first patch on Wednesday night and the second on Saturday night. I know this is a slight change from my routine, but I felt it did not matter much. At least I used up all my 6 patches over the course of 3 weeks and the results are kinda good. The line on my forehead seems less noticeable but its still there. I did not get bothered looking at myself in the mirror because the line looks blurred out. 
I know it is there and I can see that depression, but it's not as obvious. Overall, not that bad of an experience. I was thinking about recommending this product, since it did show some results with just one box of patches, however, looking at the packaging made me rethink my decision. 

I questioned myself if this much packaging was really needed for 6 small patches? Those patches are really like small bandaids, so why cant they be packaged in paper or something more environment friendly? When I buy a 30ml bottle of anti aging serum or a retinol treatment, its just one bottle, mostly glass that can be recycled and it lasts at least 3 months. Peace Out skincare patches create way more garbage and I maxed out the patches to use only 2 patches per week, but considering using these for crows feet and laugh lines and you have got to use 1 box in a week to get any kind of results! 

Its disappointing and I wish Peace Out Skincare will rethink their packaging!

Just looking at both photos side by side (or one on top of another :P) you can see some softening of the line that I have circled for easy identification. As mentioned above I used 2 patches per week and continued treatment for 3 consecutive weeks. All I can say is that I need to keep using this treatment, the PEACE OUT Wrinkles - Retinol Patches, to see an actual difference. 
Though there is some difference which is a good thing but I am not really excited about this kind of result, considering that this line is still very fine and shallow. I thought these patches could have done a better job on a 'wrinkle-in-process' and I definitely won't recommend this to anyone with deeper wrinkles or more fine lines.
A major disappointment is how small the patches are for the price and the packaging as mentioned above. I think it's much better to get a retinol treatment and though that takes probably a month or up to 3 months to show any results, it would be worth the price, time and would be just one bottle for the entire duration of treatment so we wont be polluting too much with excessive packaging.

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