January 2, 2021

GIVENCHY Teint Couture Shimmer Powder in Shimmery Gold 02 Review and Swatches


Hello 2021!

Throwing away all the dreariness of the past, with a promise to shimmer and shine in 2021, with beautiful highlighters and currently I am loving this Givenchy Teint Couture Shimmer Powder! I haven't purchased a highlighter for the longest, because I had been loving Champagne Pop by Becca for the past 3-4 years or so! It's about time I share this heck of a highlighter with you!! ❤️ 

Since dressing up for no real reason became a thing and eating a lot more than I normally would, I am pleased to tell you that I have zero New Years Resolutions for 2021!! :D 

Are people even doing that thing anymore, like aren't we done with setting goals and expectations that are never met? Or is setting goals on the 'essentials' or the 'non essentials' list anyways? 

This holiday season I watched a ton of television and ate all the desserts that I always thought were too unhealthy for me AND I did not exercise AND I surprisingly did not even gain weight!! Though I absolutely feel that I must start getting into my exercise routine before it is too late, I feel that I have learnt to take it easy and focus on what I love the most - which is my family! 

All those moments when I felt I am deviating from the person I used to be, all those extra sweets, silly laughters, binge watching sessions, I was constantly bonding more and more with people who matter - my family and my close friends. Whether it was a video call, a group text, a phone call or just meal time with my core family that lives with me, every interaction was valued and loved much more than I ever did in the past. I learnt from 2020 that this life is anything but a continuous struggle to survive and I need to make an effort to create my bonds with the Almighty, my family, neighbours and friends. I can't imagine, I did not even mention my career in that list! Because my career literally gave up on me in the hardest of times, but my skills did not! I now know that a title in a big office is not 'essential' but my skillset will keep me relevant. 

Its quite clear from the swatches done on bare skin that this shimmer powder by Givenchy is shimmery!!! There is a lot of iridescent sparkle, but on my face its noticeable gold and I love that hint of warm it adds along on my winter skintone.

Swatches in indoor lights

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