May 21, 2021

GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria - Nettare Di Sole & Flora Salvaggia Eau de Toilette Review #WorldBeeDay

Guerlain has launched two new Aqua Allegoria fragrances to honour the bees on World Bee Day 2021 namely, Nettare Di Sole & Flora Salvaggia. These layering perfumes are inspired by wildflowers which attract bees and produce honey. The relationship between bees and flowers is millions of years old but the reality is that the annual honeybee mortality rate now stands at 30%! This disappearance of bees is endangering biodiversity and we have to act now to save and preserve our bees.

Being a sustainable luxury brand, Guerlain is running an international fund drive to raise up to € 1M in aid of the #GuerlainForBees Conservation Programme from May 20-22. Over three days Guerlain will donate 20% of its worldwide sales as well as € 20 for every repost of its 20th May World Bee Day Instagram image (click here) which includes the hashtags #GuerlainForBees and #WorldBeeDay

Keep reading to discover these beautiful fragrances in today's post! 

The packaging is so beautiful - Love the honey comb design and the bee motif on cap

This is the first time I tried a fragrance from the Aqua Allegoria line and I am so impressed by the combination and layers of fresh aromatics. Layering Nettare Di Sole and Flora Salvaggia is an olfactory experience I have never had before. Its fresh, sensual, yet sophisticated - like a walk in a majestically decorated exotic garden that keeps on blooming. It's the joyfulness I feel every time I spray these perfumes on, that sets them apart from other fragrances I own. The beautiful packaging with the honey comb design and a bee motif on lid is a little reminder of how Guerlain is inspired by the bees and working towards protecting them for the future.

Nettare Di Sole
This is a fresh floral fragrance with a citrusy top note that immediately revitalizes my senses and something I love for the mornings. As the perfume settles on skin, I continue to smell the aquatic notes and the jasmine, magnolia and rose at its heart. Love the whiffs of floral honey accord at its base for hours after putting it on. This is one scent I can never get bored of!

Flora Salvaggia
Just like the name suggests, this perfume is a bouquet of wild flowers brightened up with the notes of my favorite flower- iris! Its a beautiful fragrance that I feel addicted to. The warmth of the watermelon as a top note sets the tone of this inviting scent that reveals the white flower bouquet at its heart and settles with a musk accord at its base. I absolutely love it!

Both of these perfume can be layered for an unforgettable experience and something I would highly recommend you to try! 

Hope on this World Bee Day we can all step in and do our part whether it's planting more flowers or supporting brands who care for bees and are continuously striving to protect the humble and miraculous bees!

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