October 24, 2020

SEPHORA Charlotte Tilbury Birthday Gift 2020

Presenting the birthday gift I picked from Sephora earlier this month. I chose the Charlotte Tilbury gift set which includes her new Jewel Lips lip gloss in the shade Rose Jewel and the famous Charlotte's Magic Cream. More on this in today's blog! 

Sephora Birthday Gift
The main reason why I picked the Charlotte Tilbury Gift Set as my birthday reward from Sephora was only because this seemed to be the best option among the four choices shown above. I do not like hair samples and I have no particular interest in Milk Makeup or the Bum Bum cream. Initially I thought I would skip on the birthday gift because I haven't liked any product from Charlotte Tilbury other than the Matte Revolution Lipsticks but I wanted to try the new Jewel Lip Gloss and see if this was something I am going to love. Also, the famous Charlotte's Magic Cream has me wanting to try it for long, so this seems like a good set, though both products are unrelated - one is a face cream and the other a lip gloss!

When I unboxed this gift set, the most obvious difference was the packaging of this lip gloss. Unlike the glittery packaging of the full size Jewel Lip Gloss, this comes in the standard rose gold cap and a clear tube. The Jewel Lip Gloss retails for a steep $36 for 4ml and this sets contains 1.4ml of the Jewel Lip Gloss so getting to try a little less than half of it as a birthday reward is nice.

The applicator is a very old fashioned doe foot applicator and this is the same as the full size product (I double checked at Sephora). I feel that the applicator could have been a bit fancier, after all this is a luxury product and a bit of an innovative applicator would have been nice, especially given the $36 price point.

Now for the most important part - the formula. I actually like how light weight this gloss feels on lips and the texture just stays put on the lips without sliding off the edges of my lips. It does seem to stay fresh for hours but is the first thing to get rubbed off  if I eat anything, like every other lip gloss. But overall it seems to be a decent formula. 
What I dislike is the chunkiness of the glitter in here. I get it that its a jewel lip collection and those glitter chunks must be the diamonds swimming on my lips, but as a look, I don't like glitter on my lips that obviously looks like chunky glitter. It's a tad cheap look, even immature and unsophisticated. I would have liked the glitter to be refined and appear more like a shimmer than chunks on my lips. 
I tried wearing it on its own and its too sheer on my lips, leaving only the glitter to grab any attention. I am not a fan of glitter on my lips. If I want to throw that kind of glitter anywhere on my face, (and I would never) I would get it from Claire's or Walmart, not Charlotte Tilbury! 

I always wanted to try this and I am not disappointed. I love this hydrating light weight formula on my skin. It works as a great base before makeup and I am planning to purchase the full size whenever I run out of my moisturizer. It seems to be a great product but with 7ml, I could only get a weeks use from this. I only use a tiny bit on my face and neck, so I feel it might last only a couple of uses for someone who slathers on more.
The mini size of the Charlotte's Magic Cream retails for $40 for 14.7ml at Sephora and in this set I get 7ml of the cream, which is about half of the mini size.. so its worth $20!! That's an incredible value and I am pleased with this cream and would like to try more of it to see its 'magic'.

So that's what I think about the birthday gift from Sephora. You can get it during your birthday month from Sephora for free, no purchase required, only if you sign up to the Beauty Insider program, which is awesome. I missed my MAC birthday gift this year, because I didn't spend the minimum required to qualify, but that's not the case with Sephora. 
What birthday gift did you pick from Sephora and what do you think about this free reward?

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