October 4, 2020

GIVENCHY ​L'Interdit Eau de Parfum Intense Review

Givenchy L'Interdit Intense is a bold, sophisticated fragrance that I can't get enough off. This luxurious perfume is a bouquet of white flowers including my favorite Tuberoses. More on this sensual, addictive scent in today's blog.

L'Interdit Intense by Givenchy is an intense explosion of florals mixed with woody muskier base notes, which makes this an opulent and very refined fragrance. I would love to keep it for date nights, but I feel this is a scent that needs to be worn all the time. I crave to put it on!
And how gorgeous is this lacquered, all black packaging? The well fitted ribbon with the Givenchy emblem tied on its neck, seems too couture and definitely something to appreciate while it sits on my vanity. This bottle asks for attention and praise and that is exactly how I feel about this fragrance.

Described as an intense floral with an addictive thrill, the opening top notes of Orange Blossom gives it the femininity and youthfulness while the middle notes of Tuberoses and Leathered Vanilla (which stay for the longest on me), evoke a sense of extravagance and sophistication.  An intoxicating blend of Vetiver and Patchouli, at the base of this fragrance lingers and reminds me of the cocktails parties I attended last holiday season. For me this is a festive, evening, party fragrance - the one that will get attention and the compliments! However, I am totally addicted to the Givenchy L'Interdit Intense and I can't stop wearing it all the time.

Have you tried this? I dare you do!  

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