November 19, 2019

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Palette of Pops Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Celestial Eyes - Review and Swatches

The title of this post suggests a very long name for an eyeshadow palette that appears to be anything but big or luxurious. Its packaging feels flimsy and very plastic and not something of luxury. Remember when I shared about my NARS Voyageur palette, I spoke about how it was still substantial enough to be not called a 'mini palette' and it has six highly pigmented shades. 
Let's get this clear, this rendition by Charlotte Tilbury is not something of luxury, nor does the hefty price tag of C$70 justify its mini existence. 
However, the shimmer shadows are extremely gorgeous and sparkly and the color combination is perfect for evening or special occasion. Despite what others think, I like shimmer shadows that are slightly sheer, so I can use them as a topper or as a light wash off sparkles on my eyes. I do not like full-on glittery eyes, unless its a costume party and there is a dress code I need to adhere to! 
More on this palette with swatches in today's blog.

As you can observe from the swatches above that these eyeshadows are low on pigmentation and high on glitter. It's the kind of glitter that was once considered childish but since its on trend, I would buy it. It also likes to fly around and reach my hairline and it stays there! It's like that glitter I used for craft two years ago and still see it sparkling on the floor.

Anyways, the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette of Pops in Celestial Eyes, has four shades which are nicely coordinated. There is a light color for highlight and two shades of gold for the lids and a darker mulberry brown shade for smoky eyes. I absolutely love the way the palette looks and I wish these eyeshadows had a little more depth and pigmentation to them, than just an overload of glitter.
Absolutely love the colors combination but not how they perform.

The shades which I like are Enhance (glittery amber gold) and Smoke (sparkly mulberry) and I think are also the most pigmented ones. They work best under a creamy concealer or a primer like Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin, which allows these shadows to stick nicely on skin while providing a base to secure the glitter. If I have designed this product I would include a primer in the packaging because on their own, these eyeshadows are a complete disaster.

Even when I like sheer shadows, I love the pigmentation and that is where I would put my money and this palette doesn't justify a C$70 price tag. I was disappointed with the shade Prime (iridescent baby pink sparkles) as it did not do anything for me. It was just glitter and nothing else.
Another disappointment was Pop (golden glitter) which I totally wanted to love but couldn't because it was too hard and stiff to blend. Uh, do we even blend eyeshadow toppers?! I guess a better way to explain this is: Pop did not pop on my lids!

As I write this blog, I have a strong sense that I may not want to return this product and keep it as a memory of 'why I don't need any other Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow palette' but I am feeling a bit why make something that looks perfect, stunningly sparkly but with no substance.

Even as an eyeshadow topper, the shadows do not actually stay on the lids. The glitter travels all over my face and that's about it and if I only wanted chunks of glitter on my eyes, I would rather get a pot of glitter from craft store and apply it on my lids and laugh at how ridiculous I look and still feel the same way.

Whenever I see any Charlotte Tilbury product, I expect quality, not because I am an avid fan but just because that is how every blogger or Instagrammer talks about it. Everything looks great online and the burgundy and gold packaging in most of her items make it appear regal and something to be desired of. But not much can be achieved if the product doesn't live up to it.

Can't recommend something like this but if you own one and you love it, just let me know which eyeshadow palette you use and why you like it. 

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