April 16, 2019

MAC Lover Program (previously MAC Select) + MAC Birthday Gift 2019 Review and Swatch

I shared my MAC store experience in my previous post and I decided to never buy MAC products but since my sister is a huge fan, I slowly got sucked in to the MAC-mania. And now I have a few products that I use on a daily basis and love it. I also tried some of my sister's MAC lipsticks when I was visiting her, and I absolutely loved the color pay off and the longevity! Especially at the price point and with the MAC Lover discount offers, I am on to creating my own collection of MAC products. I never thought, I would dedicate blogs to a brand I don't like, but here we go!!
So, thanks to my boxing week MAC haul, I became a MAC Lover - Devoted member. It's the second tier of the MAC loyalty program, which was previously called MAC Select. Being a Devoted member, I got to choose a birthday gift during my birthday month and I added a January date so I can get the gift earlier in the year - cuz I am impatient like that! :P
The gift I received was actually much better than I had expected, considering that Sephora gives me travel size products on birthday, with MAC Lover program, I got a full size Technakohl Liner in a color of my choice and a MAC tote bag.
More on this in today's blog..

MAC TECHNAKOHL LINER - Eye Liner Kajal in Graph Black (C$22)
When I visited the MAC store, I literally just said, I want to pick my birthday gift and the guy guided me to the shelf with the eye liners and helped me choose. I wanted to ask for a black-brown shade but since, I wanted zero interaction, I just picked the blackest one I could see, swatched it on my wrist and handed it to him. That's all I had to do to get my gift. I was happy that he gave me a tote bag as well, but then I realized that it's part of the birthday gift. I got two full size items that I can actually enjoy!
Absolutely love this gift and this eye liner is a best seller, it is definitely one of the best one out there. Once set, it does not smudge, nor transfer to the crease, or do anything crazy. It can be easily softened with an eyeshadow brush for a smokey effect and I have been using it almost every day since I got it. 

Overall, I liked this birthday gift more than my Sephora Birthday gift this year and seriously if MAC is giving out a free full size product than I would happily spend the $150 to stay in the Devoted tier, which gets the birthday gift. Btw, unlike Sephora, you will need to have a minimum spend of $150 to get the benefits of a birthday gift and a complimentary makeup from a MAC artist.
At Sephora, you get a gift just for signing up and nice samples and often full size products at Reward Bazaar. Still, I would like to stay a Devoted member at MAC Lover program and see what other benefits I can get throughout the year.

Have you been a MAC Lover or a Sephora Beauty Insider? Share what you think about these loyalty programs and which one you like more.

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  1. Hi there - this comment is not related to the post. I noticed that you are a fan of the D&G perfect powder foundation. Me too! But I'm on my last reserve of this powder foundation and have been researching everywhere for similar replacement. Did you have any luck finding something similar with just enough coverage, smoothness, longevity, doesn't break you out, doesn't oxidize? So sad it's discontinued, can you please let me know if you found anything good? So desperate for a replacement...Thank you!

  2. I didn't even know MAC gived a Birthday Gift! Good to know!