November 6, 2018

LOUIS VUITTON Attrape-Rêves Fragrance Review and Photos

On my birthday, my husband took me to the newly opened Louis Vuitton Store in Calgary's Chinook Centre to pick myself a birthday present. I was ecstatic because, that never happens! My husband would usually pick something for me himself, and in the past there have been instances when I have returned the gift and gotten something else that I really wanted. For a moment I thought, he might not have liked me exchanging the gifts later on, but truth is, I want my gifts to have more value than only sit somewhere in the closet. I want to use them, enjoy them and as soon as I entered the gorgeous LV store, I forgot about all this! I just wanted to try on everything. 
Initially I wanted the Me & Me necklace in my initial 'R' but as soon as I caught a whiff of the fragrances, I quickly turned around and discovered the stunning array of perfumes or shall I say 'les parfum' in my not-so-french accent.
So today, I am sharing a new fragrance that I fell in love with. I actually like four of them and I finally decided to purchase Attrape-Rêves which translates to 'dream catcher'! So me, so lovely, so I got it! More on this, on todays blog.

Such a dream like description for this on the Louis Vuitton website.
"Cocoa as airy-light as a wondrous journey somewhere between dream and reality
Like the Northern Lights appearing out of nowhere, Attrape-Rêves is the fragrant embodiment of supernatural phenomena forever embedded in the memory of some far-flung exploration. Inspired by such waking dreams, the Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud imagines a trail like a shower of shooting stars, where raw cocoa powder mingles with a bouquet of peonies. Then comes the patchouli heart, enlivened by litchi’s fresh and sparkling notes.
A festive fragrance in celebration of wonderment."


I found this fragrance warm enough for the winter season with just enough sweetness from the floral tones to be appropriate for day or night. Though I would prefer to call it my 'day fragrance' because its quite cheery. It has patcholui at its heart which makes it likeable by many. If you are tired of the same bergamot+patchouli frangrances, then this will delight you significantly. Here is a list of the notes:

  • Opening notes: Cocoa flower and Peony accord
  • Heart: Litchi accord, Patchouli heart and Turkish rose absolute
  • Base: Ginger, Bergamot
The packaging is outstanding and definitely up to the standard expected from a high end luxury perfumer. It's a heavy clear glass bottle with a magnetic lid wrapped in a keepsake cardboard cylinder case to protect the bottle from elements when not in use. I have actually stored it in the case as I want to keep the bottle as pristine as possible. Just like my Louis Vuitton bags are always in their dust bags! :P
Unboxing - LOUIS VUITTON Attrape-Rêves

Unboxing - LOUIS VUITTON Attrape-Rêves

Unboxing - LOUIS VUITTON Attrape-Rêves

Unboxing - LOUIS VUITTON Attrape-Rêves

Louis Vuitton Attrape Reves retails for C$292 for this 100ml bottle and C$440 for 200ml. I wish I could get it engraved in my initals but the new store at Chinook Centre, Calgary, did not have in-store engraving available since they opened a couple weeks ago. However, engraving the bottle is complimentary and I was suggested to bring the bottle in for engraving anytime in future. I can even get this bottle refilled in store as well for $200 which is not a bad option. Not sure, if the perfume fountain was available at the Chinook Centre location at this time, however, I am not in need for a refill for another year! 

Overall, this is a beautiful fragrance that is festive, warm and still very feminine and cheery. I would highly recommend that you try out the new fragrances in store as the selection is beautiful. I also absolutely loved the more citrusy-musky Le Jour Se Leve and the absolutely sexier Mille Feux! However, Attrape-Rêves stole my heart!

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