November 1, 2018

THE BODY SHOP 25 Days of the Enchanted Deluxe Advent Calendar Review - What's inside and Photos

The Body Shop has released the ultimate advent calendar any beauty lover would love to receive! And the best part is that each item in this advent calendar is individually packaged in a beautiful box with a message to help us reconnect with nature. It's like opening a new present each day, which is what the holidays are all about - presents and sparkles!
I love gifts that I can actually use and enjoy and this advent calendar is full with deliciously fragrant beauty products, ranging from makeup to skincare to bodycare; there is something for everyone. 
Full details on what's inside and more in today's blog!

Once you open the calendar there is a puzzle of boxes with a date on them from 1st to 25th. They are so well made that I will be repurposing them as gift packaging for stocking stuffers, in the weeks to come.

That is what was in Day 1 box and I am happy to see the peppermint candy cane scented body wash! Its so Christmasy!!
So, this shows my favorite message and something I strongly believe in. Early morning yoga is the best thing for my mind and soul and I hope that everyone who gets this advent calendar would follow through all tasks on the boxes to feel more grounded, more alive and closer to nature and ourselves.

Here is everything that's in the box: 
  1. Shower Gel Peppermint Candy Cane 60ml 
  2. Body Butter Mango 50ml 
  3. Body Lotion White Musk® 60ml 
  4. Bunny Nail File 
  5. Shower Gel Strawberry 60ml 
  6. Bath Bubble Coconut 28g 
  7. Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Camomile 60ml 
  8. Bath Bomb Green Tea 28g 
  9. Hand Cream Almond Milk & Honey 30ml 
  10. Body Lotion Pink Grapefruit 30ml 
  11. Bath Lily Red 
  12. Eyeliner Liquid Black 3ml 
  13. Lip Definer Hot Date 1.1g 
  14. Body Scrub British Rose 50ml 
  15. Born Lippy™ Lip Balm Strawberry 10ml 
  16. Body Butter Almond Milk & Honey 50ml 
  17. Brow & Lash Brush & Comb 
  18. Hand Cream Shea 30ml 
  19. Eyelash Curler 
  20. Shower Gel Mango 60ml 
  21. Eye Definer Black 1.1g 
  22. Strawberry Smoothing Face Mist 60ml 
  23. Matte Lip Liquid Tahiti Hibiscus 8ml 
  24. Body Butter Coconut 200ml 
  25. Owl Face Towel

There are four makeup items including a matte liquid lipstick, a liquid eyeliner, a lip liner and an  eyeliner pencil. The eyeliners are black, so they will work for everyone and the lip products are in shades of red which again is the color of the holidays. Its nice that each product can be used by all skin tones.
There are three skincare items including the Strawberry Smoothing face mist, Born Lippy lip balm and the camomile makeup remover. These products are best sellers and I have used the Born Lippy lip balm since my teens, so I am excited to see this lip balm in my favorite strawberry scent. I haven't used the Camomile makeup remover and the Strawberry Face Mist, so I am very excited to see how they work for my skin.
And there is cute owl face towel and three grooming tools, that I got so excited for, because I love a good eyelash curler and brow comb!  I quickly stashed them in my vanity drawers because they are such good quality. The cute bunny nail file, eyelash curler and brow brush and comb, is something anyone including myself always need!

The advent calendar includes three shower gels, a mini rose scrub, two bath soaks and a bath lily.
The shower gels are in 60ml sizes which is perfect for stocking stuffers or filling up holiday crackers. The British Rose collection is one of my favorite for bath and body because it smells divine and I love the rose body scrub. Its very hydrating and gentle on skin and I wish it was in a bigger size because I love it so much.
And those bath bombs are forcing me to get in a bath asap! I have to try these out this weekend and see how they feel! I have used the Smokey Poppy Bath Bombs (review here) and British Rose Bath Foam in the past, like a few years ago, so I can't wait to try these new flavors.


My favorite part was discovering so many butters and lotions and hand creams in this advent calendar! They have been my go-to for years, especially the Coconut Body Butter is a family favorite! I love the Shea hand cream and I am excited to discover the Almond Milk and Honey hand cream and body butter.
The body lotions are in scents of Pink Grapefruit and White Musk. I also included the Born Lippy lip balm with all the moisturizers as it completely hydrates and plumps my lips.
The three body butters in Mango, Almond Milk & Honey and Coconut smell and feel amazing on skin and they will last me a long time. So happy these are included in the advent calendar and I am sure you guys will love these too.

Overall, this is an amazing gift full of delicious beauty treats and something anyone can enjoy. The Body Shop Deluxe Advent Calendar retails for $99 at The Body Shop.

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