October 22, 2018

PHYSICIANS FORMULA The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches

Physicians Formula products are so affordable and such great quality that I can not stop sharing about them. I never expected much and these products have amazed me beyond expectations, therefore, here is another wonderful set of lip colors that have quickly become my go to. Each shade is so wearable, so easy to mix to create a custom shade and comfortable on my lips. The velvet finish  appears like a soft matte but are hydrating and last forever on me. More on this and lots of swatches in today's post!
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The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish liquid lipsticks from Physicians Formula are available at London Drugs for $10.99 (and currently on sale for $7.69). They come in a variety of wearable shades from pinks to berries to red and browns. There is really something for everyone. The whipped texture of these lipsticks is smooth that applies evenly and is pigmented enough for a single coat.

I love how light weight it feels on lips and even when it dries to a velvet finish, it never makes my lips feel dry. Its nourished with avocado oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid that helps in keeping lips plump. 
For me, the scent in these is a bit herbal. I like my lipsticks to smell like perfume! I know that's not everyone's cup of tea but I like a floral/fruity scent in my lipsticks and the scent in this one feels herbal.  These liquid lipsticks are vegan, cruelty free and paraben free, so its very well crafted. 

The applicator gives a lot of control on how much product I apply on lips and the tip can be used for neatly outlining and applying without much trouble. The sponge tip has a hole in the center that wipes out excess product and reapplies the product as a second layer. This helps in getting a smooth opaque color pay off without a need to dip the applicator in the tube again for more product.

The shades I am sharing today are:
  1. Tu-Lip Treatment - warm coral-red
  2. Dose of Rose - dusty mauve pink
  3. Magentle Formula - bright fuchsia
  4. Bare with Me -neutral terracotta
  5. Nut-ritious - chocolate brown
My favorites have to be the Dose of Rose and Bare with Me. They are the ones I am wearing non stop because they lean more neutral and are appropriate for work and daytime. I have only worn the brighter shades like Tu-Lip Treatment and Magentle Formula on weekends with minimum eye makeup and they look amazingly refreshing and summery. I haven't worn Nut-ritious much but I will get more wear out of it in the later months when its colder and we are more in to night gatherings for the holidays.
I have mixed these colors on my lips to make them a little darker using Nut-ritious and a little brighter by mixing Magentle Formula. They look great no matter how I apply them and they are very long wearing.

Once they dry on lips they appear quite matte, like the swatch below. More like a soft matte, that is non drying but it accentuates the lines on lips. So I always prep with lip balm to get a more even finish.

Overall, its a beautiful product. The packaging is very luxe and the quality of this formula is outstanding. This lipstick never seems to fade and even when it does, after a meal or end of day, it leaves a lovely stain. It easily comes off with any makeup remover and seems close to being transfer proof. There is very minimal transfer on glasses or mugs, so its quite reliable as a long lasting, high color payoff liquid lipstick. For the price and quality, I would highly recommend this to everyone. Its a beautiful product with a nice variety of shades that are so pigmented. The swatches speak for themselves!!
Get it from London Drugs for $10.99

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