October 17, 2018

PHYSICIANS FORMULA Rosé All Day, Charcoal Detox and Refreshmint Review and Swatches

Today I am sharing some skincare products from Physicians Formula available at London Drugs. All of these products are vegan, cruelty free and free from harmful ingredients. My skin can be easily irritated by some ingredients commonly used in cosmetics, so I am extremely careful with what I apply on my skin and Physicians Formula products never disappoint! They work great for my skin type and never cause any sensitivities. All three of these come in beautiful and functional packaging and are very easy to incorporate in an existing skincare regimen. 
Charcoal Detox was a completely new experience for me as I hadn't use a charcoal stick before for cleansing and the Refreshmint eye de-puffer is so minty and delicious but my favorite is the Rosé All Day serum because its a versatile product that smells amazing!! It's really like smelling a bouquet of roses all day! 
I love these products and for a full review, how I use them and swatches, keep on reading!

ROSÉ ALL DAY - Oil Free Serum ($19.99)
I started using the Rosé All Day serum every morning and I am hooked! It smells like roses and Rosa Damascena Flower Water (or damask rose water) is the second ingredient on the list so its quite potent. It can be worn alone or under makeup and that is how I use it. It's the first thing I apply on my skin in the morning before makeup and it immediately brightens up my skin and I follow with a sunscreen based foundation. It has quickly become my morning serum and my skin loves it especially that enveloping rose fragrance all around my face! Love it!
The serum is completely non oily, non sticky and absorbs immediately in skin. It has a pinkish 'unicorn' hue to it, which is very subtle and works like a lightweight highlighting primer under makeup. It's not very shiny but still enough for a rosy glow all day long. I can even use is as a highlighter on tops of my cheeks. Its a very versatile product.
I like the packaging as well. It feels sturdy and the dropper releases enough product for my entire face. I even use this on my neck and décolleté and its very comfortable. Its designed as a brightening and tightening serum that is packed with antioxidants to for a luminous glow. I definitely feel that it makes my skin appear much brighter, fresher and the pearly sheen blurs out imperfections while hydrating my skin and keeping it look and smell amazing.  You have to try this one out!! 

CHARCOAL DETOX Cleansing Stick ($15.99)
This is a deep pore charcoal cleanser in a stick form that promises to deep clean skin and pores for silky smooth and visibly clear skin. I was a bit skeptical about it at first, because I had never come across a similar product. I had used charcoal facewash and charcoal masks, but never a stick version. 

Physicians Formula Charcoal Detox Cleansing stick is designed to draw out dirt, oil, and impurities for clear skin. The deep cleaning ingredient here is bamboo charcoal along with natural exfoliating minerals, and nourishing artichoke leaf. All of these ingredients sound promising and they deliver results!!
From the first use my skin felt and looked softer and the pores were less visible. I noticed a major difference in the area around my chin which gets the most whiteheads on my face. Ever since I started using this my skin is just a lot more cleaner with much less whiteheads. I love products that actually clear out pores because that is the key to younger looking skin. Nobody likes enlarged pores or visible whiteheads or blackheads. The best thing for me was how easy it is to incorporate this cleansing stick for everyday cleansing. 
I apply it all over my face, concentrating on the t-zone and then using wet fingers to gently massage it all over my face. Its easy to work with, as it emulsifies nicely and I repeat circular strokes on all trouble areas for a minute before rinsing. I pat dry and follow with the Rosé All Day serum and sunscreen. That's what I have been doing every morning and I feel my skin looks fresher and more radiant. 

REFRESHMINT Cucumber & Bamboo Eye De-puffer ($15.99)
This refreshingly minty treat is the best thing to put under tired eyes! I usually do not get puffiness on my face in the morning (unless I had bento box for dinner :P), so I use this everytime my eyes are exhausted from working on the computer or reading. Its just the most relaxing feeling to apply something cooling under the eyes. 
It can be used around the jawline or the neck if you get puffiness around your face. Its a nice, cooling and hydrating product to have to cool down my senses! Its formulated with green ingredients like cucumber, aloe and peppermint to cool skin and reduce the look of tiredness and bamboo shoot and glacial mineral water to refresh skin. Its a great product if you are having a bad day and since its completely transparent and quick absorbing, no one would even know how you keep your cool ;o)


Overall, I strongly feel anyone can easily add these three products to their skincare routine and achieve fresh, radiant and glowy skin. They are easy to use and completely non irritating and non drying. They nourish skin gently and deliver what they promise. I haven't stopped using these ever since I got them and I would highly recommend you try these out. Find out more about these at London Drugs!

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