September 15, 2018

L'OCCITANE Verbena Exfoliating Sugars, Icy Body Gel and Hair Mist Review

Hey guys!
I was feeling a little down the whole day, so decided to freshen up in the bath using L'occitane Verbena products. The citrusy, lime scent is very refreshing and feels like summer every time I use it. After a 20 minute soak, I exfoliate with the Verbena sugar scrub and it leaves my skin so smooth and soft. I decided to share my full thoughts on this collection with you all today, so keep reading... 

This scrub is formulated with sugars and walnut shells that gently exfoliate and shea butter moisturizes skin and protects skin by creating a moisture barrier. The zesty, invigorating scent of verbena stays on skin after rinsing, and leaves me feeling fresh for hours after using this. My skin always feels silky smooth after using it and it never dries out my skin nor does it scratch. Its very gently yet cleanses wonderfully.
I like to use it before shower or after a warm soak when my dead skin is ready to come off. It leaves a layer of oil on skin which helps in keeping skin moisturized and can be removed by following with a body wash in shower.
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Looking at that jar of shimmery blue icy gel is so soothing and excites me to use this body gel after a shower and may be its a better way to cool down the summer heat than ice cream! This icy body gel is enriched with menthol and verbena extract that give an instant cooling effect. It can be stored in refrigerator for ice cold effect!! Its already cool enough for me, so I store it in my bath cabinets.
It is a nice body gel for hydrating the skin and feeling fresh and clean. I always feel the scent of verbena makes me feel clean and this 'sparkling' scent lasts on skin.
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I love a nice hair mist but I am not sure if I like the smell of verbena in my hair. Its a lovely zesty fragrance but I like something calming in my hair - something floral, may be a little seductive. I like this fragrance but I can only use it as a mist if I am cooking up a storm and would like to conceal food odours before my guest arrive. I love using the Verbena Eau de Toillette for BBQ parties and always use it the most during summers.
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If you love the sparkling, refreshing verbena scent then you must try these cooling, mood uplifting products from L'occitane!

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