July 25, 2018

DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel Review

Its hard for me to waste even a single day of summer time in Calgary, so I am always looking for fun things to do at home and outside. The city looks beautiful in summer time and I can't get enough of all the blooms and greenery all around me. When I moved to Calgary, I would tell my friends that this city looks like a resort - its well kept, with beautiful public spaces and relatively less people to share it with. Having nearly 8 months of winter, I obviously look forward to the summer months but that brings new challenges for skincare - especially sun spots!! And they are so hard to get rid off.
Since I had always been a fan of Dr Dennis Gross's skincare line, I wanted this Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel to exfoliate my skin and lighten the dark spots. I have a good amount of acne scarring from the past three years that seems to darken a bit more under the sun, so I am on to all kinds of facial peels even lemon juice! 
So, when Sephora Canada offered a box of 3 peels as a 100 point perk, I picked up as many of them as possible. I got over a month's supply of high quality facial peels for free and that is the only reason I save my points at Sephora and spend them at something amazing like this! 

More on this, how to use and the results in today's blog. 

As much as I love the sun and the golden glow it gives to my skin, I always get a few extra sun spots on my face! This happens more frequently now as I get in to my 30s! I think this decade brings its own challenges because being out in the sun is never going to feel the same. I slather sun screen as much as I can, but being out in the sun for 3-4 hours on a picnic or in the splash pools with kids means I don't even know/remember if there is any sun screen left on my face!
So I started using this regularly for the past month and I am pleased with the results. The packaging shown is how it came as a point perk, but I have included all the details like how to use and the size of the peel cloth. 


Using the Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel  is very simple and completely mess free. The packaging comes with all the instructions. The first step is to exfoliate and refine skin's texture. So all you have to do is use the wipe and massage it all over your face until the wipe dries out.
Then wait for two minutes and pull out the Step 2 wipe to give your skin a deeper treatment against aging. Massage the step 2 wipe all over you face until it dries out. I usually wait another 3-5 minutes before applying my serum and sun screen.

This daily anti-aging AHA/BHA extra strength peel promises to combat common signs of aging to reveal radiant, smooth skin. The two-step patented formula contains seven acids, that are safe for daily use. They is no recovery time however, as with any facial peel, you must use a sun screen to protect skin from sun burns as peels can make our skin more sensitive to the sun. I use this nightly and my skin feels very soft and smooth in the morning. I have noticed the greatest improvement in texture around my nose and those despicable blackheads seems to be under control. I still have blackheads but they aren't as obvious. The pores around the nose area have also tightened that I no longer notice them as soon as I look at my face. 
Cleaner pores are everything when it comes to skincare, because thats where the problems start from. No one likes to see enlarged pores that add unwanted texture to skin or acne or blackheads that accumulate from all the dirt that I face encounters. I am also using some DIY treatments that I plan to do a post on really soon, so keep an eye out for some recipes that have worked for my skin, alongside this facial peel.

Ever since, I started using the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength peel I have noticed that some of my spots have lightened considerably but not completely vanished. May be I need to go on for another month  before I see full results. It can be used AM/PM but I prefer to use at night to allow my skin to recover before it sees the sun and Calgary sun can be ferocious so its better to be careful. I totally see myself getting a full size of these in the near future. 

A box of 30 treatments retails for C$114 but its totally worth the money in my opinion especially if you see it working for your skin. You can also get a trial size like me, for only C$22 that includes 5 treatments and check how it makes your skin look and feel. Its completely non drying for me and it gives me hope for clearer complexion in the future for continued use. 

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