February 22, 2018

Travel Beauty Essentials ft. Belif Travel Kit, L'occitane, Givenchy and more

Whether I am travelling internationally or going to the gym, travel sized beauty products play a huge role in keeping me looking and feeling my best. I always pack light, with only the bare essentials in my carry-on luggage or my handbag. Today I am sharing with you my skincare, hair and makeup picks for travelling which includes my favorites in small travel friendly size.

I never buy travel size makeup because I find it hard to work with so I always pack full sized products but keep them to the bare minimum and only my favorites and in neutral colors that would work with every outfit. I usually would shop for more makeup wherever I go, so this habit allows me to do more shopping and be able to bring more stuff home, without adding much to the luggage weight.
Also, I try not to carry powders because they can crumble or break while travelling and get messy, so its always a cream blush, cream highlight and liquid foundation along with other products. 
You might have noticed that there are no eye shadows and eye liner. That's because on vacation, I do not care for cat eyes, or the perfect blending on my eye shadow. I just apply my favorite Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara and put on my sunglasses and it looks perfect. I do not use a lot of makeup on vacation and rely on skincare products to give me that 'vacation glow'!

As a person with long hair, I carry my own shampoo and conditioner that works for my hair type. I even carry my own mini shampoo and conditioner to the gym and currently I am loving the L'occitane Aromachologie shampoo and conditioner. It smells so refreshing and adds shine to my otherwise dry hair. And I never forget my favorite brush from Tangle Teezer. Its the original detangler and its great for thicker, wavy hair and works for my wet hair too. Since it has no  handle, it is much easier to fit in to my beauty case.

Skincare products bulk up the most while packing and I always get travel sized products. This kit from Belif Canada is made for travelling. It has everything I need to keep my skin looking and feeling beautiful. I absolutely love everything in this little zip case that is sturdy enough for carry on luggage and its transparent so everything can be easily seen. It contains five skincare essentials and a little blue box. I initially thought, that blue box only part of packaging, but it is a sturdy little box that perfectly fits, ear buds, cotton swabs and floss! This kit has everything sorted out!!
The five products included in the belif travel kit are, a creamy cleansing foam, a bergamot herbal extract toner, Hungarian water essense, moiturizing and firming eye cream and the world famous, The True Cream!! Each of these products help me achieve moisturized, healthy skin that is ready to take on any harsh winter weather conditions and travel in general is so dehydrating, so,  high quality skincare products like these is a must for travel.
I have been a fan of The True Cream but I couldn't find it easily in Canada. Thankfully Belif Canada has an online store at www.belifcanada.com , where I can easily stock up on my skincare essentials. This travel kit is only C$25 in case you are wondering.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that the zippy belif travel kit pouch can fit a lot more products. I was able to fit in my shampoo/conditoner, shower gel and hand cream in it. Its definitely a must have for travelling. You can get the Belif Travel Kit online from Belif Canada or in store at Sephora

Hope you enjoyed my travel essentials and how I pack beauty products. I absolutely love all the products I mentioned in this post and hope that if you are packing up for travel then picking some of these products will help you look and feel your best!

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