February 16, 2018

SILK'N Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting Review

I am always excited to see the new technology in beauty and how empowering it is to be able to treat your skin at home with high quality, professional grade products that deliver results. I have been using the Silk'n Titan, from London Drugs, for almost two months and today I am ready to share my thoughts on it.
Silk'n Titan is a smoothing, tightening and lifting device that helps reduce wrinkles and lifts facial contours. It is designed to be used on face and neck and you can even go around your eyes with this device! Silk'n Titan uses a technology that "delivers energy to precise areas beneath the skin to activate your body’s natural restoration process". I was so curious to see this in action because if this device works, that means we can rejuvenate our skin and get our bodies to make the collagen and elastin for us as we age and would never have to worry about sagging or wrinkles. There is no downtime and I could apply makeup and get out of the house right after using it on my face. It sounds like the perfect solution for busy lifestyles and a little bit of treatment, literally 10-15 minutes in two weeks, could change the way my skin ages. 
I am quite happy with it, even though, there wasn't much of a drastic difference I could feel but then, I do not have deeper wrinkles and the fine lines around my eyes are not are troublesome at this point, but I could definitely use it to prevent sagging. My mom has no wrinkles but her skin is sagging. She maintains a strict no chemicals/toxin skin care routine, but looking at her, I can imagine that I may have more sagging issues than wrinkling. I have already started to notice my jaw line changing in appearance! 
More on how to use the Silk'n Titan, what to expect and what this new technology in at home beauty tools is all about, on today's blog!

It is recommended to start using the Silk'n Titan device twice a week for 5 weeks and then use it only once every two week. I had a small forehead wrinkle and a fine line between my eye brows that I wanted to treat and it is where I mostly used it. I was a bit scared to use it on my cheeks or jawline because that is where I break out the most. However, over time, my acne cleared out and I was able to do a full face routine with this. In future I would use it on my jaw line to prevent sagging and to make my skin firmer around the lower cheeks area.
Below, you can see what is in the box. You can a zippered travel case with the Silk'n Titan device, instruction manual and the warranty info. You also get one tube of the slider gel. Sadly, the slider gel does not fit in the case and has to be kept separately.
What's in the Silk'n Titan Box
The Silk'n Titan device is very easy to use. You simply plug it in and press the energy level button to select the level you would like to treat your skin with - 1 being the lowest and 5 is the hottest. If you have sensitive skin like me, I would highly suggest starting at level 1 for the first 10 minutes and moving to level 2 for the last 5 minutes of treatment. This device gets hot - like almost as hot as sauna, so if you are used to facial steams, sauna treatments, then the heat shouldn't bother you much. It never burns and it stays at a safe level of heat for facial skin, but always listen your body and know when to stop, if you are uncomfortable.
After the first four treatments (two weeks) I could move on to higher levels, so I could start at level 3 and go on to level 4. Always remember to set the energy level BEFORE putting this device on skin. After the first five weeks or 10 treatments, I started using this once very two weeks.

After selecting the right energy level, you apply the slider gel on the area you are treating. Then place the Silk'n Titan on that section of your skin and the red light activates (see pics below), so you can start moving your device in circular motion or upward motion. Remember to always keep moving the device so the heat is not concentrated in one area and also read the instruction manual for dos and donts. Also, this device does not work unless the slider gel is on your skin which I believe is a safety feature.

I keep massaging my treatment area for 5 to 10 minutes and with subsequent treatments I increased the energy levels. It makes my skin look red, right after the treatment - like it would look after a facial steam and then I wipe clean the slider gel and rinse my face with warm water and continue with my skincare regimen. I use it right after cleansing my skin, so my skin is free from any makeup residue or dirt. I regularly used Silk'n Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting on my forehead area. The warmth of the Silk'n Titan is so relaxing and makes me want to go to bed and I usually always use it at night. 

I wanted to treat my laugh lines with this as well, but since I was always breaking out on the cheek area, I couldn't do the treatments regularly and with any skincare treatment, routine is everything. 
So, after two months, the lines on my forehead vanished! Like completely gone! I was so surprised and then I thought, maybe its the sleeping mask, or my downward dogs that helped me achieve those results but truth is, I have been doing all that before I started the Silk'n Titan treatments and its now that I had results!

I would give credit to this device for plumping up my forehead skin again and it helped me get rid of that unsightly line between the brows and the fine line on my forehead.  I do not have deeper wrinkles on my face and it worked great on the fine lines on my face. I hope that keeping this device as part of my skincare routine, would help prevent wrinkles in the future. The combination of bi-polar RF energy, LED light energy and IR heat energy work to stimulate cell renewal. You can find out more on Silk'n Titan at London Drug's website to understand how it works on a cellular level. Below you can find a description of how the Silk'n Titan works to stimulate collagen product. All of these images are from the Silk'n Titan box.

I have tried using it on my hands and my 
décolleté as well, even though this is designed for face and neck and I love the warming massage of this device. Its feels amazing and almost instantly plumps up skin and makes it feel soft and smooth. I did not use the Silk'n Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting this week and my forehead looks the same so I am hoping these results are permanent which means that I do not have to worry about the same area again! Yay!

I will continue using the Silk'n Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting device because its super easy to use and it works for my skin type. I got results in two months but for deeper wrinkles or more mature skin, it may take longer to see any visible improvement. However, since this is a at home device that I use for only 10 minutes on the area I would like to treat, before going to bed and only once in two weeks - I feel its highly doable and something anyone can easily do. Its not messy, the slider gel wipes off the face and the device with a damp paper towel. The benefits definitely outweigh the little bit of 'extra' in the skincare routine and it saves me a trip to the derm office for a filler!

Get Silk'n Titan from London Drugs for $299.99.

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