February 2, 2018

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Eye Shadow in Blueberry and Golden Fawn

I am so excited to share the new Make Up for Ever Artist Color Eye shadows with you today. I own the older version which was fantastic and these new ones are just as good and offer more finishes like this new glitter and shimmer finish. I love how pigmented these are and how nicely they blend - wait till you see the swatches. I picked a beautiful iridescent, glitter finish, purple shade called Blueberry and a shimmer finish shade called Golden Fawn from the new launches. They work beautifully together and are perfect for spring. The shade Blueberry is also close to the Pantone's color of the year - UltraViolet, so I am loving this a lot. I usually do not wear much color on my eyes but purple always looks great without making me look dated or too OTT. Its a lovely shade to have in my collection and I can not wait to wear this on my next vacation. 
Swatches, thoughts on Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadows on today's blog.

Make Up For Ever makes it so easy to create a custom palette with this refillable magnetic makeup palette which is only CA$2, for every size. There are five sizes to choose from and the largest size would fit 6 shadows. It's a compact design that works well for everyday use as well as for travelling. 

Artist Color Eye Shadow in the shade D-926 Blueberry is a beautiful bright purple with purple glitter. It looks very pretty in day light and has a bit of iridescence to it. This shade looks great with my brown eyes and my favorite way to wear it is with a matte black eye shadow. I love how the smokey purple looks on me and I can't wait to try different looks with this when the sun is out. Since Ultraviolet is the color of the year, I would make it a point to wear purple hues more in my makeup and wardrobe.
This shade swatches beautifully and there is not much of a difference in the swatches with and without primer. Even though it has a lot of glitter in it, it is not overly chunky or shiny or cheap looking. The texture is amazing for a glitter finish and there was not much fly aways when I swipe with a brush and my finger. I prefer to use a small eyeshadow brush to pack pigment on my lids before blending it out - it helps keep the glitters in place and not under my eyes. It blends beautifully and looks amazing!

This shimmer finish warm toned golden beige shade is called I-648 Golden Fawn.  I love the texture on this - its creamy, saturated in pigment and with zero fallout! Its not glittery but still shiny and sparkly. It applies evenly and smoothly on eye lids. I used this shade in the inner corner of my eye and a light swipe on the browbone to highlight, in the swatch below. Its a neutral shade for me and something I would easily pair with a matte brown shade for everyday use.I love this formula a lot and I am already planning on picking more shimmer finishes from the Artist Eye Shadow collection.


I am only wearing these two shades on my lids to showcase how beautifully they blend on lids. I could totally use a matte medium brown in the inner corner and a black eyeliner. I was actually wearing a brown eye liner before I applied the Blueberry shade and thats why it peeks through close to my lash line.
The glitters in Blueberry are sparkly but not chunky or messy looking and it blends beautifully with Golden Fawn, which is so close to my eyelid color that its hard to see it on my brow bone or the inner corner of the eye. Golden Fawn has a shimmer finish so it acts as a highlight color for me in this swatch.

Overall, I absolutely loved the new formulation, finishes and the color range in the new Artist Color Eye Shadows. They have a beautiful saturated formula and a blend-able texture that is easy to work with. I had slight fall out with the glitter finish which is expected, but nothing I can't deal with and the shimmer finish shade Golden Fawn, has zero fall out. They are very wearable and I almost want every shade from the new Artist Eye Shadows!

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