December 21, 2017

VITRY Nail Repair Care in Sensitive - Review and Swatches

I shovelled 25 cm of snow off my driveway yesterday and my hands looked quite beat up after I removed my weatherproof gloves. Surprisingly none of my nails had chipped/broken, which I expect to break every day or two in winters and I though to myself, that this nail treatment is truly working it magic on me! Sometimes, even opening the car door would break my nails, or while putting on my winter coat. My hands hate winters. They look wrinkled, dry and flaky and I know that I can totally fix that with my Shea hand balm, but broken nails are hard to file/clip. They can certainly be painful too. 
Today I am sharing with you a nail repair treatment that has truly helped me in maintaining the strength of my nails and I haven't experienced spilt or broken nails since I started using this. Its the Vitry Nail Repair Care in sensitive. I just pick everything for sensitive nails/skin/hair because I can always be sure it will not irritate me in anyway. 
More on this in todays blog along with hand swatches... 

As you can see below that this treatment is completely clear and it even works as a great base coat. 
Please ignore my cold/flaky hands. I told you I shovelled quite a bit yesterday! :(

In the pic below you might be able to see the tips of my nail with signs of breakage and grooves. They grew quite quickly since I started using this treatment and I am very happy with the results.

I started using Vitry Nail Repair a couple of weeks ago and the results are quite impressive so far. Its basically a clear base coat that is fortified with active bio ingredients. It promises to strenghten nails after 2 weeks and it definitely lived up to that promise for me.
I simply apply one coat of this to clean dry nails and sometimes I would apply my favorite nail color on top. It works as a base coat too. Its recommended to be removed with nail polish remover every two days to clean the nails and then reapplied. I noticed that it chips off on the second day of application, so kind of forced me to get in the reapply schedule and routine is everything, if you want results. I am very happy that my nails are growing strong and with Vitry Nail Repair on, there is shine on nails which makes them appear healthy. Overall, I loved it and would recommend this to anyone who suffers from fragile nails and wants something that works fast.

You can get this from Nail Polish Canada for C$26. 

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