February 4, 2017

WINTER SKINCARE FAVORITES - ft. L'Occitane, Nivea, Origins, Caudalie, Josie Maran and YSL

Its always so hard to pick my favorite skincare products and as you already know, my skin has been ultra sensitive and generally not doing great for quite a long time. However, there are some products that have helped me significantly and deserve to be showcased in a favorites post.
So, today I will share with you, skincare products that are suitable for all skin types and especially for sensitive skin. Writing this post has been difficult because there are no facial oils! I am literally restraining myself because I wanted this to be a guide for anyone who wants to take good care of their skin and would like to include some of these products in their everyday routine without worrying about side effects. I am extremely satisfied with each of these products so without further ado, lets move on to the details.


Everyone knows Josie Maran for her Argan Oil and I love it too because of its non oily feel and amazing effects on skin. The Bear Naked Wipes by Josie Maran are infused with Argan Oil, Aloe and Cucumber and are biodegradable. They are by far my favorite ones to remove makeup. I use one every night and I love it. There are no side effects, no redness, nothing. They remove all makeup in just one wipe. 

I stumbled upon these while shopping for travel and was looking for something in small tubes that I could use on vacation and not worry about the weight of it. I love my La Prairie products but they have a lot of weight. These affordable facial creams seemed like a good option and that is how I discovered amazing skincare products that respects my skin, nourishes and protects it from dryness, redness and acne. They quickly became part of my everyday routine and they are my favorites!
For the past 3 months, this has been part of my daily routine, day and night. I am in love with these two products and I do not think that I will be switching to anything else anytime soon. They've work great for my skin during fall/winter and I would love to see how it works for spring/summer.
I have always liked Nivea products and they are my mom's favorite, even till now. I have tons of childhood memories with the 'blue creme', that's what I used to call the iconic Nivea Creme, and it still smells the same way as decades ago!
I am so thankful that my skin issues are close to none. Nivea Sensitive Day Care and Night Care creams are so easy to use and they are for only $9 each! They are infused with Liquorice Extract and Grape Seed Oil; the ingredients I look for in more higher end skincare products! They keep my skin hydrated all day and night. I can't be more happy!


The only cleanser I can trust for my skin is this Shea Foaming Cleanser. I love it because it deeply cleanses without drying out skin. The Intensive Hand Balm is a life saver. You can read up on my thoughts and review on these products here.


I have a full review on Origins Active Charcoal Mask in the works and you can read up on it soon. This mask have been part of my skincare routine for the month of January because I felt that I badly needed something that would draw out impurities and would rejuvenate my skin. I used this more as a weekly treat to my skin, while relaxing. Its a clay based mask and it tightens pores and draws out impurities that clogs pores. My skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. I love how it brightens complexion and tightens pores. I felt a remarkable difference in the pores near my nose. Even my blackheads have diminished significantly. I still have blemishes because I am not using any treatment for them. I am hoping my Origins Charcoal Mask will take care of them with regular use.

Caudalie Glycolic Peel was part of the mask trio I bought during the holidays and overtime, I began loving it. I am almost out of this tiny tube that gave me 5 applications and I think there is still some left for a final use. For someone who has sensitive skin or does not enjoy the 'harshness' of a glycolic peel, this can be a milder yet effective alternative. I initially thought this is not for me, but with regular use I realized that it exfoliates and smoothes out skin's texture without the redness or tingling. Its a pretty good option. I usually use this mid week, so I can do my charcoal mask on Sundays.
I always use masks at night time; its a personal preference because I feel my skin stays away form the sun and other stressors.

Lastly, my favorite lip treatment is the YSL Volupte Tint in Oil! It hydrates my lips and gives a lovely tint to them. I love using this every, single day. I can easily layer my lipsticks on top of this because it gets absorbed and does not make my lips feel heavy. Love this product. You can read my review on this here.

Hope you enjoyed knowing about my favorite skincare products. I would highly recommend each one of these. Do share if these are you favorites too!

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