January 27, 2017

L'Occitane Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm and Shea Foaming Cleanser Review

I came back from my month long vacation couple of weeks ago and these new L'Occitane products from the Shea Butter Collection were the first few products that I began using as soon as I arrived in Calgary. The weather here is so dry and it really takes its toll on my already dry skin. I can do everything to protect my face and feet but my hands are a disaster. May be because I wash them too much throughout the day and I do not follow up with a hand creme, even though I have plenty all around me at all times. 
Let me explain you what happens to my hands. The skin on my knuckles and around my nails and cuticles gets so dry that it starts to tear! Yes! It tears open and it gets worse as I do my everyday work. The tear get bigger if I try to grip on to anything, e.g. holding my child's hand :P and then there is blood. The irony is that I cant even put a bandaid on my knuckles! As it heals it leaves bruises and those dark patches on my knuckles forces me to wear gloves all winter long. But I need to meet people. Its so embarrassing; I couldn't even explain it to my manicurist the last time. 
I tell my friends I suffered from eczema in my childhood and this is one way it tortures me every winter. However, truth be told, I can't find anything that works fast and is easy to use!
The Intensive Hand Balm from L'Occitane has been a savior. I can't thank L'Occitane enough for creating a product that solves a serious issue. 
Ever since I started using this every night and morning, my hands are smoother, my skin is softer and there are no more cuts and tears! This product literally changed my life. 


This hand balm is formulated with 25% organic shea butter that protects skin from harsh, dry weather making it smooth and soft. Its only been 2 weeks since I started using this regularly and I love it. It has changed the way my hands would look in winters. I love that it comes in a 150ml tube because I do not have to worry about stocking up on it. I am almost done, half way through the tube, so hoping this should last me the next two weeks too. But its an amazing product and at only C$40 for a hand 'treatment'!! I love it and I'd recommend this to everyone.
If you don't have crazy dry hands like mine, you can still use it and see a difference in your hands yourself. I even felt that the discoloration on my knuckles and around my nails has reduced significantly to the point where its unnoticeable. I feel so confident...I wanna do a couple of nail polish reviews! hahaha
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As you can see from the swatch below that it has a thick balm like consistency that warms up and spreads evenly when applied.


This is slowly turning into my favorite cleanser because it is so gentle on skin, yet it effectively removes everything - even makeup. It is not recommended to be used on eyes, but I will be honest, I was so tired to do anything other than wash my face before bed, that I rubbed it all over my eyes. It did sting a little bit and then I quickly rinsed and my eye makeup was gone! So, it will truly cleanse your face, but please avoid eye area, or you can shut it tightly like me, if you are feeling lazy.

Anyways, so this cleanser is an absolutely new product and its formulated with 5% shea extract for keeping skin moisturized and silky smooth during the winter months.
I always feel amazing after using it. Its a foaming cleanser, so it looks like creme but when applied on damp skin, it foams up and creates the silkiest, creamiest foam that removes impurities and makeup without being harsh on skin. My skin feels so soft and clean. Its an incredible product.

L'Occitane Shea Foaming Cleanser retails for C$28 for 125ml. It's a great price point for something that works for beautifully on skin.

I have always been a fan of the Shea Collection by L'Occitane and I am so proud to share these amazing new products from this collection because they not only do what they say, but they solve skin issues and give me the confidence that I deserve. Soft, smooth, hydrated skin is beautiful and these products helps me achieve just that and more. I am so in love with these and I can't wait for you to try these out and tell me how they worked for you.

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