February 22, 2016

DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil™ Nourishing Hair Treatment with African Macadamia Oil Review

There are VERY few hair products that truly impress me. My hair is long and thick in texture and gets frizzy if I do not heat style it after shampoo. I am always on a look out for nourishing treatments that eliminate frizz and my favorite is using oils. I do like to leave coconut oil or indian mustard oil overnight and then shampoo it in the morning. They work really well for me, however, it's very messy and I sleep with a towel wrapped around my head. Honestly, I don't like doing that. It's not the best feeling to sleep with an oily head, but this is what I have found works while nourishing hair from root to tips. But there had to be a better way than being an oily head at night!
Just when my frustrations reached the top, I got an opportunity to try a few Dove products (5 of them) from Chick Advisor and this Dry Oil literally was a life changer. I couldn't resist sharing it because this products works wonders for my hair. It's a miracle product for my dry, frizzy, thick and long hair. Let's find out more.

This lightly scented hair oil is lightweight and non greasy. It quickly absorbs in hair making it shiny, silky and smooth. I love blow drying after applying this because it gives me the shiniest, loveliest locks ever.
I get so upset, looking at all the frizz because before I moved to Calgary that never happened! My hair was naturally pretty smooth but things are different now, may be it's the water, or the weather or just the heating. I hate frizz and I am so happy to have found this gem.
Apart from the heavy dose of silicones, this dry oil does have macadamia seed oil, coconut oil & sweet almond oil as the first five ingredients, so there is a good concentration of these. No wonder this works, just as advertised, or may be a bit better.
Applying Dove Pure Care Dry Oil  is really simple too. I only need 4-5 drops for my long hair. It's recommended to spread the oil between your hands and apply to clean, damp hair from mid length to tips. You can blow dry or leave to dry naturally. I usually do blow dry because it eliminates the need to use a flat iron later on to smooth.
My hair stays smooth till I wash it off. Even if I just apply it to wet hair after shower and let it air-dry and then style with a flat iron, it gives me the smooth, shiny and silky hair. I really love this. It's a miracle product. I haven't had static in my hair ever since I started using this.
This can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment. I have never done that because, I am so lazy with pre-shampoo treatments and like I said, I sometimes, do an overnight oil mask.
I love using the Pure Dry Oil as a pre-styling treatment and then I straighten, curl or blow dry my hair depending on what I want to do that day.
Another thing I must mention is that please do not use this on your roots. Those heavy oils and silicones in this treatment can really clog pores and do more damage than good. Its best to follow instructions and apply this from mid sections to tips of your hair. If you have short hair, use it only near the tips. Its does spread out nicely once you brush your hair or heat style it.
Overall, a great product at an affordable price point and it reminds me of another very expensive hair treatment, that is quite similar to this but 3-4 times more in price. I will share that one soon.

You can get it from Amazon.ca and Well.ca online or find it in a drugstore near you.

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