November 23, 2015

BURBERRY Limited Edition Holiday Nail Polish in Military Red 300 Review and Swatch

There is something magical about holiday products and I love collecting them. So, I had my eyes on Burberry beauty ever since I saw them on and also on and two weeks ago, The Bay had 10% off on beauty and that included Burberry as well!! 
I'm so excited to share this luxurious nail polish in the gold plaid from Burberry. They launched two shades in the holiday collection: one is a golden glittery shade called 'Gold Snow 449' and this is the second one in a creamy red called 'Military Red 300'. 

Is it just me or do you guys feel red is a neutral for nails? It never looks over done and goes with every outfit and almost every skin tone can find a red that works for them. Lucky for me, I can pull of a blue based (slightly warmer than regular), red like this one or even a yellow based red.

The packaging is to die for. I like how the top comes off and the brush is encased in a smaller cap. The brush for this one reminded me of Sally Hansen's brushes, which are flat and a little bit broad. I feel the brush applies evenly without much effort.

The texture of this polish is a bit thicker than what I am used to (i.e. OPI nail polishes). However, its extremely opaque on a single coat unlike my OPI polishes. Another thing to note is that I always wear my nail polishes on a base coat. The swatch above and below have a base coat and 2 coats of Military Red.
I also noticed that it takes a bit longer to dry over my base coat. I dare not wear red on bare nails, because I can't risk staining my nails. However, once it dries, its very even and another coat makes it even more opaque without any bubbling or brushing.

Overall, I feel that Burberry Nail Polish in Military Red is a collector's piece. If you like collecting limited edition nail polishes than this is for you. If you are looking for a great red nail polish than honestly, there are more options available at less than half the price of this AND with quick dry formulations.

Hope you found this useful. This is the limited edition packaging and will be sold out soon, however you can still get this shade online at and for $23.

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