July 9, 2015

PURGO TEA - 14 Day Teatox Review

I am a tea drinker so its almost natural to try out Purgo Teatox. I love all kinds of tea because they offer immense health benefits and certain concoctions definitely have medicinal value. Purgo Tea's 14 Day Teatox claims to rev up metabolism, burn calories and remove toxins. There is a Morning Detox Tea and an Evening Cleanse Tea; both are carefully designed to perform specific bodily functions and they are  organic and gluten free. Ever since I started this program, let me tell you, my world has changed! I have stopped drinking my morning coffee! (that's big!)
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Purgo Teatox - Morning Detox Tea

Morning Detox Tea

Ingredients: Sencha, Dandelion, Lemon Grass, Goji Berry, Hibiscus, Chamomile Flower, Acai Powder, and Ginseng Root. 

The first thing I noticed was how light and refreshing this tea was. It is quite fragrant and steeps to a light pink color.  I used one teaspoon in boiling water and allowed it to sit for a few minutes and then using a strainer, transfer it to a cup. The used tea can be re-steeped for a little longer, for lunch time. I literally, made no changes to my diet and still felt more energized and awake. I can totally live without coffee, if I drink this tea, as first thing in the morning. 
I also noticed that drinking the Morning Detox Tea before breakfast, made me feel fuller so I ate smaller portion of breakfast. Moreover, I felt extremely thirsty throughout the day during the 14 day period, which led to focusing on drinking more water and eating smaller portions. 
I would sometimes, add a few mint sprigs to jazz it up a little and mint complements the lemony flavors of this tea. You can totally customize it according to your tastes.

Purgo Teatox - Morning Detox Tea
Purgo Teatox - Morning Detox Tea
Evening Cleanse Tea
Ingredients: Locust Plant, Sencha, Key Lime, Lotus Leaf, Cassia Seed, Pu'erh, Oolong, and Chamomile Flower.  

I am much familiar with the flavour profile of this tea so I would often go for a bigger serving (1.5 cups). Its very relaxing and definitely cleanses the tummy and the digestive tract. No more bloating or gas and I literally feel this is the best night time drink. It makes me feel light and calm.
Purgo Teatox - Evening Cleanse Tea

Purgo Teatox - Evening Cleanse Tea
Overall, I really enjoyed the Purgo 14 Day Teatox. I did feel that it balances my body, keeps me fresh and active and also keeps my tummy happy.  I can't say if I lost weight, but I do feel a lot better. This is definitely something, I would want to continue and would also recommend to anyone, who wants to increase metabolism, feel great and also get rid of their coffee addictions.
Honestly, I am so much happier when my stomach is happy. I feel lighter and more energized. Love it.

You can purchase Purgo Teatox from their website at http://purgotea.com/. The 14 Day Teatox is for only $29.99 on sale (that's 12%off)!

Use code "khansteatox" to get an extra 5% off on your order! Combine it with the current sale to get a total of 17% off!! 
Getting healthy can't get easier than this!

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