July 13, 2015

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover - Review

Removing facial hair is such a tedious task. I really wish I was born without any and for quite some time, I was only using tweezers, so I wanted to see if the Bellabe Facial Hair Remover would speed up the process and/or be more effective.
So does it work? Lets find out...

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover is an alternative to threading or waxing. It can be used on hair above the lip, on the chin, side burns and cheeks. You have to hold it in a U formation, and then twist the ends, so it rolls on skin and plucks out hair.
Since it holds on to a lot of hair at the same time and pulls it out, it does feel quite painful in the beginning. Later with practise, I got used to the pain because it really does the job much faster and without even looking in to a mirror. But on days, when I would have my sweet time, I would use tweezers, which time and time again, has proved to be the easiest way to remove facial with minimal pain.
So even though, its high on the pain factor, I would say, the convenience of getting rid of facial hair, while in bed, is matchless. You hear me, right?!
Overall, I feel this works, and does not cause any redness or acne, because its literally just pulling hair, like threading would. I usually rinse with cold water to close pores after use.

You can purchase this form Nail Polish Canada for $15. For more information on how to use it or to purchase please use this link

Hope you enjoyed this review and do let me know how you get rid of facial hair!

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