November 5, 2014

Ombrelle Ultra-Light Cream SPF 30 for Face Review

I have always stressed on using a sun screen, no matter what the season is, and I realized I never really shared my army of sun screens with you. So today, I am sharing a sun protector that is easily available and has some noteworthy ingredients. Its completely non greasy and also makes a great primer for foundation.
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The active ingredients are actually pretty good in protecting skin against UVB and UVA rays of the sun. Yes. I did my research before using this sun screen. Other ingredients contains parabens and dimethicones...I have said enough about those on my blog. They never broke me out, but they can have long term effects.

This has recently turned in to go to sun screen, simply because I never run out of it. I just grab an extra tube whenever I am grocery shopping. Its under $10 for this size. I really like the non greasy formula. During summers, I was in Karachi and used the Nuetrogena Beach Defence SPF 60 just because it was a higher SPF so I could stay longer in the sun, but it made my face so greasy. I kept reaching for blotting papers all day long!
I am happy to share that Ombrelle is very comfortable to wear. Its great in the sun and I use it all year long. I apply this every day after cleansing my face.  It has a bit of an iridescent sheen to it, that reminds me of MAC strobe cream but a lot less shine than the strobe cream, obviously.
After applying this, I just put on my D&G Powder foundation on top and my face is done! Seriously. It holds the powder well on skin and works just like a primer. Pls also, note that my skin is normal-dry and the weather is also quite dry, here, so that might be helping in keeping products in tact for longer.
Overall, I really like this. If I have to choose one face cream, I would select a sun screen. Nothing ages you more quickly, or prematurely, like the sun. So a nice sun screen is a must have.
Also, if you are using Glycolic Peels or Microderm360 then you must wear a sun screen because deeply exfoliating the skin, can make it more susceptible to sun damage.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.
Winters officially start tomorrow, but thankfully there is no snow in Calgary! I am happy that I can still wear my dress booties and not the chunky snow boots!

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