November 10, 2014


Serious Skincare has one of the best skincare products I have ever used. Today, I am sharing with you two products from Serious Skincare for facial cleansing. The first one is the Glycolic Retexturizing Cleanser and the second one is the latest Plush80K!
Glycolic Retexturizing Cleanser was launched two decades ago, and still is, a favourite for millions of users! I absolutely love how gently it cleanses skin, without over-drying. 
The Plush80K is an oscillating cleansing brush. It uses high power vibration technology that oscillates through 80,000 micro-fine bristles on the cleansing head.

Glycolic Retexturizing Cleanser is an oil free cleanser. It looks and feels very creamy and works well  on damp skin. I like to leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing especially on days when I have been wearing makeup all day long. It cleanses gently and does not make my skin look or feel dry and flaky.

PLUSH 80K ($49.50)
This is a recent launch by Serious Skincare. It uses vibration technology to effectively remove makeup, dirt and impurities. I feel it absorbs a lot of product as I work the brush on my face, but after rinsing I do feel my skin to get really clean... and the vibrations are so soothing. This is perfect for night time, as the oscillations gently massage my face, relax me and put me to sleep.
Does it ever happen to you, that every time, you go to a spa for facial, you fall asleep? It always happens to me and Plush 80K does the same!!

This tightly packed 80,000 bristle brush is soft enough for every day use and does not irritate skin.

Plush 80K is battery operated and the lower section of the brush easily comes off to put the battery in or replace it. 1AAA battery is included in the packaging.

Plush 80K Brush Head ($14.95) can be easily replace too by simply twisting it off form the top. This brush head is so soft, its rightly called the Plush 80K!!!

Plush 80K paired with Glycol Retexturizing Cleanser makes a deadly combination to cleanse skin off and soothe and massage it at the same time. Love it!!

You can purchase this from or go to for unbeatable deals and prices on this collection. I also use the Glycolic Retexturizing Facial Peel from Serious Skincare. You can find my review here
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