October 17, 2014

Kelley West Microderm360, NEW Soothe360, Cleanse360 and new Diamond Tips Review

Hi everyone,

I am so excited about today's post. I got selected as a Brand Ambassador for Kelley West Microderm360!! Yippee!!! Its an international program designed for bloggers and skin experts. Click here if you would like to join in.

So today, I have the latest products from Kelley West Microderm360. These are their new gel cleanser called Cleanse360 and a toning mist called Soothe360, along with a new diamond Small Coarse Tip for body. I have been using these products for over a month now, so decided to share my final thoughts here!!
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L-R: Microderm360, Soothe360, Cleanse360 and a set of two diamond tips: Small Fine and Small Coarse

This is everything you can win in the giveaway contest 
Microderm360 complete kit, Soothe360, Cleanse360 and a set of two diamond tips: Small Fine and Small Coarse

The diamond tips are made with real crushed diamonds and medical grade stainless steel. Microderm360 kit comes with a Large Coarse tip and a Small Fine Tip. I have reviewed the entire kit along with the diamond tips on the blog before. Here's a link for you guys
So, the new tip for me was the Small Coarse Tip, labelled below.

L-R: Small Fine Tip and Small Coarse Tip

Small Fine Tip and Small Coarse Tip
The Small Coarse tip is designed for body. Its smaller than the Large Coarse tip, so it can be used on specific areas on the body such as heels, feet, hands, elbows, arms and any other place, where you feel that the large tip is too big for. I use the large tip for my legs only. For my hands and feet, I prefer the Small Coarse Tip. Beware, this tip can not be used on face.

The Small Fine Tip is designed for facial use. I often so use it on my hands too, as the skin on my hands is a bit more sensitive than the rest of my body.

I am super excited about these two products because not only do they perfectly complement the Microderm360 tool but are also fabulously good.

This gel cleanser really removes all of my makeup, except eye makeup (for which I need to use an eye makeup remover). It also removes all the dirt and impurities from skin and seriously, my skin looks so much fresh and cleaner instantly- its hard not to use it. For my super dry sin, this cleanser is a bit drying, so I always follow with Soothe360, on regular days, which instantly hydrates my skin. On days when I use Microderm360 (which I use twice a week),  I always use the Cleanse360 first to remove excess dirt and then exfoliate using Microderm360. That way, I get done with cleansing and exfoliating my skin in the best possible way.

After exfoliating with Microderm360, I spritz this all over my face. It instantly hydrates and calms skin down. I have to be careful not to spritz this in my eyes so I cover them with one hand and quickly spray this on my face. It can be liberally sprayed all over the body after a Microderm360 treatment.
I also use it as a toning mist whenever I feel my skin need a shot of hydration. Its very refreshing!

It has a thick, gel like consistency that works well on skin. This facial cleanser is clear with blue beads. The blue bead slowly dissolve as I massage this all over my face and neck.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. All Microderm360 products can be purchased from HSN and from their website at www.microderm360.com
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  1. Hope you got this:

    Hello Ruqaiya!

    I have been reading about your post on Microderm and it's very informative! I have some acne break-outs and it's driving me crazy! Can I still enter this give-away?

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    Marilou / @20YS

    1. The Microderm360 giveaway on my blog is over. You can enter in to other giveaways on Microderm360's Facebook's Page and click the tab "Giveaway"