October 20, 2014


Today I will be reviewing the MOST HYPED product in the beauty world - the UD Vice 3! I have used it a lot during the past few days and felt that, I must review this for all of you thinking about getting it or not. In this review, I will be sharing  swatches and details of each shadow from its color to texture and the final verdict. 
Love it or Leave it? Lets find out...

This the the widest angle it opens up to

Gosh! I can't get over that packaging

As you can see from the swatches above, this is a very wearable palette with a mix of metallic, mattes and satin finishes. The texture varies across the palette - while most are tightly packed and highly pigmented; some are powdery and soft and will take some time to pack on the pigment.

The shades with the worst texture and fall out are Truth, Bobby Dazzle, Broke Down and Bondage. These shades are quite powdery and they just fly all over my face and my vanity.

There is a little bit of fall out and drier texture issues with the shades in the first column, thats where all the satins/mattes are - Undone, Downfall and DTF. Revolver, which is a black with blue undertone, is also a bit of a let down, with the fall out.

Other than those shade, the rest of the palette is good. Thats 11 shades out of 20 being really good and up to the standard expected from Urban Decay! My favourites are Dragon, Heroine, Vanity, Lucky, Reign, Sonic and Angel.

Overall, I feel this palette is very versatile and wearable if used with a primer. The packaging is a bit retro and borderline tacky. Its slim with a magnetic closure and a good quality full size mirror. Its definitely travel friendly. The UD pouch it comes in, makes it look like a luxury product, which it is, considering the price tag and the limited edition factor.
Its a stunning palette to look at, however it can be a pain to use every day! And yes, it does have options for everyday looks, to smoky night outs. If you are a fan of colors than it offers very wearable blues, green, cranberry and purple shades to choose from.
The drier texture and fall out issues did force me to return it but the only reason I decided to keep it is that its a limited edition and its a collectors (read makeup hoarder) piece.
If you are a UD fan, you will enjoy it, but if you are just looking for an amazing palette, this might not be the best one out there.

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  1. That packaging! (In your one photo it totally looks like a laptop, ha!) I don't really feel like the colours are unique enough for me to want to buy the palette, but I do love the packaging.