June 19, 2014

Nail HQ Base Coat and Ridge Filler Review

I often get ridges on my nails and I dont even know why. They look like harmless little dents but ever since my friend pointed out that something was wrong with my finger nails, I went to see a doc and she told me that its not a problem and on my insistence, she was fine with me taking a biotine supplement. I still get ridges, more on my toe nails now. So may be the migrated from my finger nails to my toes, haha!!
This is the first time, that I saw someone thought about this issue and it was pretty much spot on for some one like me, because I had felt insecure for years, knowing that my friend is looking at the ridges on my finger nails, every time I was talking to her.
So, Nail HQ, you get a 3 cheers from me, because you answered my insecurities. Well, I am not insecure anymore, especially ever since I 'grew up' and started blogging, but I am sure, there are so many who would want their manicure to look smoother and their nails to look more feminine...
So what does it do? Lets find out.

Its specifically formulated for weak, damaged and thin ridged nails. It promises to moisturize nails and help it become more flexible, while improving nail growth and protecting the nail enamel. For me this is a one step solution to all nail issues. I use it as a base coat and my nail polish goes on so smoothly. Knowing that it also helps with nail growth and strengthening the nail enamel is always a plus!
I always apply this before applying my nail polish, especially on my toes and it appears smoother and also lasts longer.
This can be purchased from FarleyCo using this link:

This has been formulated to provide a unique rubberized bonding to the nail enamel, and prepares the nail for ideal polish application. It protects the nail from discoloration and staining from the nail lacquer. I tested it out with the red nail polish that always stains my nails and the results were very good. It helped keep the stain away from my nails!! A great base coat indeed.
This can be purchased from FarleyCo using this link: http://www.farleyco.ca/Products/Nail_HQ_Base_Coat_for_Stain_Prevention-5060226335619.html

FarleyCo has really good quality products and I highly appreciate the product selection on their website. Some products even have a money back guarantee on them - they are that good! Nail HQ is another amazing brand available at FarleyCo and a number of other retailers across Canada. You can find out about other Nail HQ products here, that cater to different nail problems.

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