June 18, 2014

Dippity Do Girls with Curls Survival Kit Review and Giveaway!

Hi everyone,
Did you post a pic of your most unruly hair that needs Girls with Curls Gelee for a glamorous transformation? We all dream of the perfect curls that look bouncy yet tamed. I have wavy hair...more like beachy wavy sort of. They straighten up if I blow dry them, so curling or straightening, had never been much of an issue for me. However, since curls are soo on trend these days, I wanted to share with you about how I use the Girls with Curls Survival kit.


The first step is to cleanse and condition hair. Curl Shampoo is a sulfate free and color safe cleanser, that gently cleanses hair. It leaves a light scent in hair. The shampoo and the conditioner have a bubble gum kind of fragrance, but since it doesnt stick around hair in that intensity its not much of an issue for me. The Curl Conditioner is an excellent conditioner. I prefer it to the Deep treatment because, it keeps hair moisturized without the frizz. If you have curly or wavy hair, you know how big of an issue  frizz is.

This intense treatment makes my hair super soft and touchable. It is somewhat curl defining too, as I felt that my hair looked more curly after using this. This is enriched with avocado, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E to intensely moisture and nourish dry hair. The wheat protein and soy extracts give strength to hair that prevents it from breakage.
After shampooing, I apply this all over my hair, concentrating at the ends. The results are soft, bouncy hair, but it gets frizzy after some time. I use the curl defining cream to keep frizz in check. Overall, I feel this treatment is good but makes hair frizzy.

This is a BB cream for curls!! Just apply this to towel dried hair and watch this do its magic. It keeps the frizz away and makes curls look tamed and if I scrunch my hair up, it gives the best beachy wave look ever!

I have been watching this trend on TV a lot recently. A number of hair stylists recommend using a gel to define the curls and make them look perfect and sexy. I am always a bit scared to put gel all over my hair. So, for me, this is a styling gel. I just use it on places when I need this the most. It helps incredibly in styling. Doesn't make my hair crunchy. It does give a bit of a wet look, which is often admired when you have really curly or kinky hair.

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