March 3, 2014

TRIND Caring Colors Nail Lacquers Review and Swatches

Trind Cosmetics recently launched their nail care products in North America and I am excited to share some shades from their nail polish collection today. I also have their much admired and extremely nourishing Keratin treatment, that I (am really liking and) will talk about in detail, in another post. 
Today, I will share swatches of three shades from Trind Caring Nail Polish in Burgundy Red (CC176), Grey Shimmer (CC161) and Light Scarlet (CC166).  

Trind nail lacquers are created with high-tech innovative formulation that strengthen and improve the overall condition of nails, optimizes adhesion of polish to prolong the life of your manicure, and creates a beautiful flawless finish. The line includes a base coat and top coat with the active ingredients to maintain and sustain the health and appearance of beautifully polished nails!

Since the names of the polishes were not written on the bottle, I had to search them up on their website. I have also included the number of each shade, so you can easily look for it online. Lets move on to the pics of the Caring Color Nail Lacquers and the swatches!!

Grey Shimmer (CC161)
This is a creme finish grey nail polish, that is quite opaque on the first coat. I am wearing two coats of this shade in the pics below. The formula was really good for this one. I could easily apply this without any troubles.

Light Scarlet (CC166)
This is a neon coral for me and the perfect Spring/Summer shade. It is a cream finish nail polish and was very sheer on the first coat. The formula was quite runny too. I am wearing three coats in the pics below and I could still see some 'bald spots' :D It did not go completely opaque for me and layering up just added to the dry time.

Nonetheless, I would be reaching for this in the warmer season because I love pastels and neons in Spring and Summer time :)

Burgundy Red (CC176) 
Although this shade looks quite vibrant in the pics below, as I took them in natural lights - it actually looks more oxblood in the evening. Its one of those red shades that suit every complexion because its not too warm and not too cool.
It went opaque on the first coat and a second coat made it more deeper and closer to oxblood. I have been wearing this shade for the past five days and there has not been any chipping! The shade seems to have lost its gloss but it hasn't chipped off, which is amazing!

Here's a recap of all the shades featured above :)
I find these nail polishes to be long wearing and quite chip resistant. The formula of Shimmering Grey and Burgundy Red was good but Light Scarlet was a bit runny. They dried up within a minute on my nails, which is awesome. Each of these had a nice glossy and even finish and I had no issues with brush marks showing through.
The brush size was a bit thin for me, as I am used to thicker brushes, but I could still work well with it, as you can see from the pics above =) I also wish that Trind would put their names on the bottle, for easier recall. 
I also liked the packaging. It was so much easier to open these polishes due to the thinner and ergonomically designed cap. I often had issues opening up OPI and Sally Hansen nail polishes, so this feature really stood out to me. 

Overall, I feel these nail polishes are very good in quality. They did not dry my nails out and stayed without chipping for five days. Not even the Trind Nail Polish Remover made my nails feel dry.
You can purchase Trind's  nail products from,, and

Hope you liked these polishes as much as I did. Do share your thoughts on Trind Caring Colors :)

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