March 1, 2014

100% Pure Brightening Night Balm Review

100% Pure has a full range of skin brightening products, that brighten up complexion without the harsh chemicals. I had been feeling that extreme winters and dryness made my complexion look dull and need an extra help to not just moisturize but also add vitality to my skin tone. I was excited to see that 100% Pure had the products that addressed to my skin issues and without the harsh chemicals and toxins. This 100% natural and vegan night balm, helped me through the Polar Vortex and I can't wait to share my experience with you all.
Lets begin with pics and then my review...

When I got my hands on it, I started wondering if this night cream was a full size, as it looked really small compared to the other cream jars I have. The quantity is 34 ml which is much less than the usual 50 ml cream jars. But after having used this for a month, can you believe, I am just half done, with this product! This night balm is so thick that a little goes a long, long way and I used only a pea sized amount for my face.

The texture of this night balm is exactly, like what you expect from a balm. Its like a thick paste, that almost feels solid, but once I start working it on skin, it melts and releases lots of oil. Its packed with grapefruit and lemon oil and I could smell and feel it on my skin. It has a strong citrus smell, but its nothing unbearable.
It leaves a lot of oily residue on skin and it takes quite some time to completely absorb on skin (I think almost an hour!) But all of that greasiness pays off when I wake up with a fresh face in the morning.
As far as the skin brightening goes, the only thing I was wowed to see that my skin looked even toned after a month of usage. That could also be because I has been using 100% Pure Antioxidant Acai Berry Facial Cream for day time. Together, these two products were a killer combination.
Just to let you know, I always keep a Vitamin C enriched night cream in my skin care routine and this one from 100% Pure has helped me in not only keeping my skin moisturized and smooth but also even toned.

You can purchase this from 100% Pure's website and also have a look at the Skin Brightening Collection as it has some really good products.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Do let me know, if you have a Vitamin C treatment for night time, in your skin routine :)

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  1. With lemon , i must say this balm will work good for any one. Thanks for sharing.