March 6, 2014

Dial's new products for Spring 2014 - Greek Yogurt Body Wash, Lotion and Vitamin Boost Body Wash

Dial's new Greek Yogurt body wash and lotion is packed with real yogurt protein! Can you imagine how much more moisturizing that would be?! I was completely sold when I heard about the new products and today I am sharing my review with you guys!! Dial also launched Vitamin Boost body washes that are infused with antioxidants. Sounds great, right? Lets begin with pics and my review follows:

This body wash is sooo moisturizing - it literally feels like rubbing lotion all over my skin. Its so creamy and luxurious that  I wont hesitate to call this the ultimate form of moisturization. I don't think I am going back to my Olay  body wash after this. Its got a sweet vanilla fragrance that feels nice in the shower.
This retails for $4.99

This comes in two variants. The one I have is the Amazing B  that's lotion-infused and has the fragrance of tropical kiwi and mango. The other one is the Super C, that is oil-infused and powered with Vitamin C and has the scent of orange and grapefruit.
This body wash has the yummiest scent- fruity and sweet. The color of this body wash is exactly like the bottle, which is, a bright neon green, that looks so delicious. It reminds me of kiwi! Yumm
This body wash is not only hydrating, the delicious scents are quite an experience of their own. I totally enjoy this one.
It retails for $4.99

This lotion is moisturizing yet so light weight and non greasy! Some times, I feel the need to reapply this on my legs during the day, and it could be because winters are really making my skin dry and I am definitely not keeping up with my water intake. Other than that, on good days, this stays on the whole day!
I really like the mild scent in this. This also contains 7 bio nutrients and honey and yogurt extracts, so continued use can result in softer and smoother skin!!
I feel this light weight lotion will be really good for the warmer days, when skin is not as dry as it is now.

Overall, I feel Dial has some delicious bath and body products for Spring. I love the scents in each one of these. They also have a Lavender & Twilight Jasmine Body wash in their Spring Collection, and I really wanna try that too! The price is so affordable, there is no reason why I wont repurchase :)

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