March 13, 2014

TRIND Keratin Treatment for Nails Review

Having used Trind Keratin Treatment for over 3 weeks, I wanted to share my thoughts on this duo with you guys. This treatment is designed for fragile, thin or damaged nails and since I have thin nails, I wanted to see how this could give them the strength so that they would not break when I grow them longer. Did you know, my nails break even when I try to button up my jacket!! Thats crazy, right? So did this help me in any way? Lets find out next!


This is a two step treatment. First, I apply the Keratin Nail Restorer (pink bottle) to nails and let it soak for 2 minutes and then massage off excess on surrounding skin and nail. This can be used many times a day and is for finger nails and toe nails. I applied this every night for over three weeks and I felt that my nails looked shinier but not as strong as I expected. I felt the texture of the nail stayed the same way - thin and dry. My cuticles look much hydrated and the skin around the nail feels less dry... so I guess, there is some action going on in there!
The second step is to seal the nourishment of the Nail Restorer by applying a protective coat of Keratin Nail Protector (yellow bottle). Once the Nail Restorer dries, I apply a coat of this. I could even wear a nail polish on top of this as it works like a base coat. It is completely clear and only adds a nice gloss to nails that makes them appear healthier.
Overall, this duo makes my nails appear shinier and healthier, however, I did not find it to make my nails stronger. It is also moisturizing and I feels much better than a regular sticky cuticle oil. I would wanna continue using it :)

Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails retails for $45.95 and can be purchased from,, and For more info check out Trind's website 

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