February 19, 2014

100% Pure Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel Review and Photos

Whenever I talk about peels, the most common reaction is, 'why do we need to put chemicals on our skin?' or 'I don't wanna look like Samantha Jones, even if its just for a day'! I know people can never forget that scene but the good news is that facial peels can be done safely at home with no adverse reactions, even to sensitive skin types like myself. I love using peels and I feel they are the most gentle way to exfoliate skin. With regular use, my skin not only felt and looked smoother, but I also saw a major reduction in blackheads on nose, white heads on chin and acne marks on my cheeks. Its probably the best form of exfoliation available and it gets even better when its from 100% Pure :)

Today, I will share some pics, ingredients, how to use and my overall experience with Pineapple Enzyme Peel from 100% Pure.

It contains clay, fruit enzymes, fruit extracts and vitamin C. So simple and so good for skin.

Using this is very simple and I follow instructions as listed on the jar.
I need lemon, peel and a brush/spatula (or you can even use fingers.. its very gentle!).

I squeeze fresh lemon juice and measure it accurately as 1tbsp of lemon juice or water is needed for making the paste. I prefer lemon juice because it adds to the intensity of this peel.

Then I add two tbsp of Pineapple Enzyme Peel. It comes in a powder form and has a very weird smell, similar to those chemicals in the fruit boxes...it does smell uhmmm weird!

And mix. The consistency of this mix is slightly runny so its best to relax with this on, or you could add a bit more powder to make the paste thicker.
I apply this to previously clean and dried skin and leave it for 5 min. It starts to feel slightly dry by that time. I rinse using a wash cloth and follow up with a toner and a face cream.

PS: The quantity shown below is good for two persons. I recommend using half of this amount for a one time use.


100% Pure Pineapple Enzyme Peel is my favorite way exfoliate facial skin, because it is so gentle yet it does the job of giving me a smooth and renewed skin. I don't feel any tingling sensation when I have this on and since its free from harsh chemicals, it does not cause any allergic reaction. The concentration of fruit acids is also pretty safe and adding lemon juice works much better for me as I use it only once a week. But if you like to use it daily, than maybe, water is the best option.

When I apply this to my face, it feels like putting on a clay mask but the results are much enhanced. Its enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C which are anti aging ingredients and also helps remove hyper pigmentation. I have some acne marks on my cheeks and forehead and this has helped me rid of them significantly. This is a vegan, cruelty free and all natural fruit enzyme peel and is a great addition to my skincare regimen. Its much gentle than facial scrubs with scrubbing beads, that can scratch skin resulting in acne or rashes. This peel removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing a fresh and glowing new skin underneath.

My skin feels amazing after each use. Although, this treatment is not as invasive as other chemical peels, I still use SPF 60 sun screen for the day time. I would recommend this all natural pineapple enzyme peel to everyone, especially some one who is new to facial peels.

You can purchase Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel from 100% Pure's website for CAD 23 which is the most affordable price for a high quality facial peel.
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  1. vegan and facial peel at home .Now thats a good one.I will surely try it.Thankyou for sharing dear xoxo

  2. Sounds good, I have used their products and loved them <3