February 21, 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Review and Photos

Although, I have a lot of cruelty free face brushes, I felt it was important to include Real Techniques Your Base Core Collection in my makeup routine as they are designed by a pro makeup artist, Samantha Chapman! Its always great to have brushes designed for a pixel perfect look. This collection includes four brushes for a perfect foundation, namely, the buffing brush, contour brush, detailer brush and the pointed foundation brush and also a panoramic brush case that doubles as a stand too.

Lets begin with photos and my review...

Unboxing the RT Core Collection...


I like that the panoramic case has extra space for more brushes on the left side..

It folds in to a stand. You just have to pull that string behind. Although I rarely put them up like this but its a good feature to have.
Notice the extra space on left for more brushes...

It folds neatly in to a case, for popping in the hand bag. Good for travel..


The Core Collection Brushes are made with high-tech materials for a pixel-perfect look, even in harsh light. They have synthetic bristles that are hand cut and 100% cruelty free. They are light weight and the handles are easy to work with. The brushes in this collection are listed below:
From top to bottom:
  1. Contour Brush
  2. Pointed Foundation Brush
  3. Detailer Brush
  4. Buffing Brush

This is my favorite brush from the collection. The bristles are soft and does a good job of buffing the foundation on skin. The finish it gives is smooth and just how I would expect from a buffing brush. This brush, is the size of my blush brush, which is good in the sense that I can reach out to the contours of my nose and temples really well for a flawless coverage.

I could not believe how precise this brush was in applying the bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and even the sides of my nose. Since it has a tapered head, it can work really well in defining the cheek bones. I even apply a bit of matte bronzer with this brush, to the crease of my eye, for a perfectly contoured face.
Its not great at blending out, so I use a fluffy angled brush to blend out the contouring powder on my cheeks. For nose, crease of my eye and the temples, I only use this brush because of its size and shape.
I don't use this for highlighting as I like a more diffused highlight on my face. I only use powder highlighters for that reason but I do feel it can work great for liquid highliters too. Love the size of this brush!

I could not relate to this, as a foundation brush. It is so small for doing the whole face. Moreover, I find it to be so stiff for blending out foundation and since its pointed, it pokes my skin, if I try to use it on my cheeks and forehead.
I felt this is a great concealer brush, and the pointed edges help in getting around the eye. For blending I have to use the Miracle Complexion Sponge. It gives a streaky finish to my foundation and I don't like it for regular use.
I feel this was designed to apply the foundation and blend it out using the buffing brush (shown above). however, I save time and use just the buffing brush for applying and blending out the foundation.

Here's how it compares to my foundation brush in width and thickness.

This brush is amazing! Its so tiny but soo important in doing makeup. There are always little areas on my face that need extra attention, like acne marks, the cupids bow on my lips, the inner corner of the eye and so on. Its hard to find something that would perfectly fit in for concealing or highlighting small areas on face. It reaches out and conceals the smallest acne mark. I use it a lot on my cupid's bow to highlight my lips and also to highlight the inner corner of the eye. Sometimes I use it to apply concealer to my under eye, right below the lower lash line, which btw, is a hard place to reach. It does a neat job. I like this one too.

Overall, I like this brush collection. For me the clear winners are the Buffing Brush and the Detailer Brush. Real Techniques Core Collection is available at Walmart, London Drugs and other stores and also online at Farleyco. You can purchase it using this link:

Hope you enjoyed this post! :)


  1. These are lovely.would love to try these next.

  2. The buffing brush is one of the best brushes out there! It rivals the pricier brushes!