January 29, 2014

Gardener's Dream by Aroma Crystal Bath and Body Products - Review and Photos

Today I am sharing an absolutely fabulous bath and body care products from Aroma Crystal's Gardener's Dream line. These products are proudly made in British Columbia, Canada with the most luxurious essential oils and are 100% free from chemicals and toxins. I have the whole range of Garderner's Dream products which includes facial moisturizers, bath and body products and lip balm. Today I decided to share with you the bath and body stuff and in my next post, I will share the amazing skincare products. They are all paraben free and have a potential to heal many problems as they contain herbs, flower extracts and even semi precious crystals!
Lets move on what the pics and my reviews...

Aroma Crystal Vibrational Therapy - Gardener's Dream products


I have been using these three products almost every day in my shower and I am totally loving them. They do have an overwhelming scent of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil but I got used to it and I actually find it to be quite relaxing. Knowing that they contian 100% essential oils makes me feel like I am in a mini spa at home :)

This is an old packaging, I suppose, as the  newer version does not have Aroma Crystal written on it. Its described as an anti bacterial body wash that is suitable for all skin types including acne prone skin. Its very gentle on skin and despite being free of sulfates, it lathers very well and works just like any other body wash. However, this is all natural and contains peppermint, tea tree and thyme as the key ingredients.
I do feel that coolness of peppemint on my skin, similar to how menthol products feel. It does not dry out my skin after the shower and it says that it can be used on face as well. So I carefully apply this to my face, as this is not suitable for the area around my eyes. This one time, it did get in my eyes during shower, and it burns like anything. So make sure you keep this away from eyes in the shower.

To find out more about this follow this link

This is another amazing body scrub in my life. I use it everywhere and even on tougher skin like my feet, my heels, knees and elbows. It works fantiscally well. I like how the finely grounded pumice stones work on skin. They do not scratch nor do they dissolve. Thankfully, this has a creamy base, that minimizes friction, so it actually never causes any rash. I like how baby soft, smooth and refreshed my skin feels after using this.
It comes with the signature scent of rosemany, cinammon leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender. It smells quite spicy and I actually find it to be quite soothing.

This scrub is a new product and there is a promotion going on the Aroma Crystal's website, so make sure you grab the deal. Find out more here

This lotion is inspired by the famous Gardener's Dream Cream (that I will share in my next post). I use this as a body lotion after shower. It comes with the signature scent which is not my first choice for a body lotion but considering the numerous benefits it offers, I am okay with it. This lotion does need some massaging to get in to the skin. I feel its not as quick absorbing as the other body lotions I use, and I feel like, I have to wait for it to get completely soaked in to my skin, before I put on my clothes. Other than that, its quite moisturizing and light weight. It does not make my skin feel oily nor does it leave any residues. 
I feel this is a great product for giving yourself a nice massage and on days when my calves hurt from wearing heels, I like to gently massage this from my knees to ankles and the essential oils and aromatic blends, help me relieve soarness. 

Overall, I am super impressed by each one of these products and I would recommend trying these out. The signature scent may feel quite overpowering at first but knowing that these products contain ingredients rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properites, I would want to keep these in my bath routine.
All of these products can be purchased from Aroma Crystal's website using this link:  https://www.aromacrystal.com/store/home

Hope this review helped you :)


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