April 30, 2013

Nella Bella Filix Tote for Summer 2013 - Review and photos

Nella Bella's Filix shopper tote is a true statement piece. I love carrying this around as its so big; it can accommodate everything I can ever need. I love the rich red color, that looks brilliant on the grainy textured, soft vegan material.

It comes in several other shades too and is hitting the stores on May 10th - just in time for Mother's Day and guess what? Nella Bella's giving away a $35 value gift with every in store purchase!  I will share with you the gift I got with the Filix Shopper Tote!

I like how a wrapping kit is included free with every handbag, so I can send it as a gift to a loved one.
What's in the package?
  • Filix shopper tote - Summer 2013 collection
  • Removable strap
  • Dust bag
  • Wrapping Kit - Nella Bella tissue paper, NB ribbon and NB sticker
  • $35 value gift -  I got a small zipper pouch

This is how is looks from the back. It has an outside zipper pocket.

The base of the bag is about 10 cm wide, which allows plenty of storage space.

This is how it looks like from inside. Two inner pockets and a inner zip pocket - great for keeping smaller items organized.  It also has a secure zippered top, unlike many other totes I have, which are open from the top, so I don't run the risk of losing anything while on the go.

Nella Bella has a strong emphasis on designing handbags that are not just beautiful to look at but are also very practical to use. Filix comes with a hands free removable strap, that makes it so much easier to carry, as the bag gets fuller. Its a huge tote, perfect for shopping or for a casual day out and I often do overfill it; so the removable strap makes it so much easier to carry.

The new Nella Bella dust bag has handles so it can be used as a reusable shopping tote. I don't think its sturdy enough for grocery shopping but for light weight use, it can be functional.

This pouch came in as a promo gift. It looks like an over-sized coin purse and I think I can use this as a cosmetic bag.


Overall, I love Nella Bella's Filix! The material of this bag is so luxurious looking and has a soft, smooth and supple feel. I love this material the most from all the NB bags I have had before. The grainy texture makes it very appealing to me. Moreover, I love the red color!! This tote is a great option for anyone who is on the go. Its great for students too. I am totally enjoying Filix shopper tote. It has definitely made it to my 'must haves' list for this summer.

Nella Bella is designed in Canada and are manufactured using vegan materials. You can purchase these online from www.nella-bella.com or from a store near you.

Oh and did you know? Nella Bella has announced its commitment to the "Rally for Kids with Cancer". This is NB's third consecutive year involved with this great cause and it reflects on how socially responsible this Canadian company is.

Hope you enjoyed this post and Nella Bella's Filix :)


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