October 15, 2013

Dial’s Halloween Foaming Hand Soaps in Happy Jack o Latern - For a Limited Time

Boo! It's October! My birth month! :P apart from that, it's also time for Halloween and Dial has reintroduced Dial’s Halloween Foaming Hand Soaps for a limited time! This Halloween, Dial will once again be spooking up homes with festive Halloween foaming hand washes. Packed with a fun, fresh scent, you and the kids will be able to wash up in a flash after pumpkin picking or costume shopping. Featuring 3 glow-in-the-dark designs to give your countertops a ghostly gleam!

Here's a bunch of pictures and my experience with the foaming handwash

As shown in the pictures above, this is a foaming handwash that quickly cleanses hands. I felt that a little of this goes a long way and you really need just a small dollop for effectively cleaning hands. Although, it appears to be a small bottle of handwash, it lasts over a month for me. So, overall, its a good handwash with a mild scent and leaves hands feeling soft and moisturized, though, I always follow up with my hand cream.
That Happy Jack o Lantern design on the bottle, glows in the dark. Actually, its just the outline of the smiley that glows, so its not that obvious, unless u really wanna put the lights out to see the glow in the dark effect. I think kids will particularly enjoy this. For me, well, I always shut the bathroom door after turning off the lights. I rarely stay inside to check for what's glowing...

But well, its a nice handwash and the glow in the dark packaging is definitely something to have, if you are decorating our house with the halloween theme and carved pumpkins, then this handwash will be a perfect fit in the decor.

For the month of October, Dial® will also be holding an online contest through their Facebook page where you can enter to win a spooky Halloween gift basket filled with their new Halloween hand wash and other great Halloween items. Simply visit and “like” Dial’s Facebook page and complete the online entry form for your chance to win. No tricks here, that’s a real treat! Visit: www.facebook.com/dialcanada

You can find this at all leading stores for $2.99 to $3.49 for each 221ml bottle.

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