July 1, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in SANDALWOOD BEIGE Review and Swatches

This post is special because it features three of my all time favorite lippies!! **drum roll** Lets start with Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in Sandalwood Beige. There are 82 shades in the Super Lustrous range and while I was swatching the shades, I found most of them to be calling my name (and I actually have a list in mind for my next visit ;)) You will also see how it compares with my other two favorite lipsticks from Luscious cosmetics.
I got this shade primarily because I was running out of my favorite nude shade called Just Peachy by Luscious Cosmetics. I really like this kind of a warm nude shade on my lips as it works really well with my skin's undertones. The other favorite lipstick is this spiced up shade in the Signature line by Luscious called Cinnamon, which has some bright orange-red tones over a beige base.

So, lets begin :)
Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in Sandalwood Beige
Sandalwood Beige in flash


The Super Lustrous Lipstick range has almost all sorts of finishes and opacity. Initially, I was drawn towards a true peachy shade called Peach Me but it had a glossy finish and appeared a tad sheer. So, I found this shade, and I was like, I love it!
Sandalwood Beige is a warm terracotta shade. If you like corals, this is a great shade for daily wear. Its creme finish and goes opaque on a single coat. I do like to layer this up for more color. It did last me some good three to four hours and it does fade evenly. It does not dry my lips but it does not moisturize them too. So I always apply lip balm before applying this. With my luscious lipsticks, I could skip the lip balm because they would hydrate my lips too!
At $6.97, I can't go wrong with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks and I already have a number of shades on my wishlist to grab on Black Friday.

So, here are my favorite go-to lipsticks. I am usually found wearing one of these because they go so well on every outfit and are also fit for any occasion. Moreover, the warm tones work so good on me. Just Peachy and Sandalwood Beige are the perfect my-lips-but-better-shades for me. Cinnamon has more color and the brightest among the three. Some may find Cinnamon to be too orange/red but I really like it.

L-R: Luscious Lipstick in Just Peachy, Revlon Sandalwood Beige & Luscious Signature Lipstick in Cinnamon

I am wearing a single coat of each shade. All three of these look like sisters!!Don't they?  hahaha

Overall I love these lipsticks. Do you have a similar taste? Please share your favorites  :)


  1. I love all three shades but Revlon beige shade is my favorite.

  2. i am so loving all three colors and i think i am missing all of these in my vanity...

  3. Im more in pink then peach. But these are really nice!

  4. I LOVVVEEE Sandalwood beige! It looks perfect for asian skintones!

    I tried on Cinammon once and fell in love with that one too but just haven't gotten around to buying it! :( Lol :P

  5. ok. i am going to get sandakwood beige, will do as a nude for my skin tone!! i have not tried luscious lipsticks yet, dont seem like they have a range of colors, but will try one soon insha'Allah!!

  6. Wow Revlon beige is looking more cute . Just love it <3

  7. This looks so creamy and pigmented. :)

  8. wow so creamy and such pretty shade.i love revlon for bugdet friendly easily availabel lippies.but i m afraid this one might accentuate my uneven complexion.

  9. I love the shades especially Just Peachy it's gorgeous :) x

  10. pretty shade n looks super pretty on ur pout y lips

  11. lovely shades...nw i want to have these :) following u