July 17, 2012

Cellnique b.seen Eye Care - I am Wrinkle Insulator Review

So here's a review of a pretty good eye cream, I have come across in the longest of times. It contains ingredients that are better alternatives to botox to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles over time. Its a non greasy and easy absorbing cream! So all you beautiful ladies in mid twenties with a desire to prevent aging, this review is for you!

Firstly, the packaging is really cute. I love the eyeball lid. I have been using this for four weeks now and I have not yet felt a drastic difference in fine lines around my eyes. When I apply this, I can instantly feel that the morning puffiness around eyes vanishes and eyes appear brighter. However, the results are not long lasting so far. I usually apply this at night time and also in the morning after cleansing my face. There are no instructions to use on the packaging or the website, so I just dab it under my eyes and the corner of my eyes. It works fine for me this way.

Here's a pic of how my eyes look this morning (sorry, no before pics)
You may notice some lines under my eyes and the corner. I just dread they wont turn in to wrinkles over the next decade. So, prevention using I'm Wrinkle Insulator may help me in future.
It contains some really good ingredients, such as an alternative for botox, namely Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 that makes fine lines less pronounced over time. I guess, I need to continue using to see results on my eyes. There is also Olive oil and Vitamin C in this and all safe ingredients to be used on the delicate skin around our eyes. 
I haven't experienced any itch, rashes or irritation. It also gets absorbed, really quickly, leaving eyes completely free of oily residues. I really like this thing about it because I do not need to worry about my eye cream making my under eyes appear oily. Overall, I feel its a good quality eye cream, that makes your eyes appear brighter. It hasn't worked much on my fine lines but I feel with continued usage (read years) it may help in preventing wrinkles around my eyes owing to the ingredients it contains.

You can purchase this from http://www.cellnique.com by using this linkThis 15ml bottle is for $35 and I have been using this for three months with half bottle still left! Shipping is also free if you purchase from the website. 

Hope you enjoyed this review and keep me posted if you have tried this :)


  1. it is wow product... i must think about this..thanks for nice review

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