November 1, 2012

Quo Endless Beauty Deluxe Cosmetic Palette - Review and Swatches

Quo is a cosmetic brand available exclusively at the Shoppers Drug Mart. I won a Mother's Day giveaway at and this was the winning prize! I felt really lucky to get this huge palette! Its the biggest makeup palette I have ever had and I am so glad the quality is so amazing! It makes me think that some brands should not be underestimated as a drug store brand.
Anyways, lets move on to the swatches and my final thoughts :)

Quo Endless Beauty Deluxe Cosmetic Palette

Perfect for every makeup junkie, this package provides endless possibilities with 35 eye shadows from purple to coral, 15 lip gloss shades in neutral and berry shades and six blushes to add a pop of colour.
Price: $50

15 LIP GLOSS SHADES: We will start with the lip glosses which are so pigmented they will work for most people.



Swatches in the same order as the rows

Firstly, I need to say I love the lip glosses in this palette! They are so pigmented and non sticky, its really amazing to see such a quality in each of those tiny pots. The color selection is also great. There are two transparent shades both with slight shimmer. The rest are a combination of pinks, mauve, corals and a brown shade. Some have silver shimmer, some gold and some are totally cream finish and appear like a lipstick. This is the best lip gloss palette I have used so far and totally enjoying it.

Lets talk about the blushes next. Although the palette calls all six of them as blushes, I look at them as two shimmery bronzers, a gold toned highlighter and three matte blushes in light orange,coral and pale pink.
Looking at the swatches you can tell the blush shades do not show up that well on my medium skin tone but on my cheeks is a different story. They give a natural flush of color to my cheeks. That pale pink shade is my favorite as it gives a rosy glow to my cheeks, so no one knows I m faking a healthy face. The highlighter and the bronzer shades are very pigmented so I use these with care.

Lastly, the 35 shades of eye shadows. Although there are a number of light shades in this palette, its surprising to see how pigmented they are. While some shades are chalky,  most of them have a smooth buttery texture that blends well on lids. I felt that some of the shades are a repetition but when I swatched I realized that they are cool toned and warm toned version of almost the same shade. The colors are all wearable and they are good for daily wear. They have very fine shimmer in them but its not overwhelming, and barely noticeable. Even with the darker shades, the glitter adds to the shine without appearing chunky.

So overall, I feel this palette has its own charm. If you like the quality you may want to own it, but if you like more pigment or have a deeper skin tone, it may not be the best one to have. I think this is a limited edition palette because I did not see this in store after Mother's Day but it sure did make me interested  in Quo.

So I hope you enjoyed the post and keep me posted if you have tried Quo.


  1. Everyone should atleast have one of these kind of palettes . :) great review , wish there were more warmer eyeshadows

  2. what a palette. U r a lucky girl Ruqaiya. ;)

  3. Great review ! Love the palette.


  4. the lipgloss colors look gorg! wish they were more in the lipsticks form! omg soo many eye shades, i wouldnt know what to do with most of them haha

  5. Great review and great palette! =)

  6. Great post. Beautiful eyeshadow. valuable post. i like Platte. Thanks for posting it.