October 31, 2012

The Body Shop Haul!!

I rarely do haul posts because of the mixed response I get, but its often fun to share about great bargains in town - just like I would tell my sister.
Back in Karachi, I would rarely step in to TBS because the prices would scare me off and there would  never be any deals! The only discount I received once, was 25% off on makeup and the stock they had put up, looked pretty stale. But the Canadian TBS is really a paradise. It is over priced, but they have such amazing deals going on all the time, it was hard to resist. So anyways, here is a haul post from a recent trip to The Body Shop. I got stuff worth over 100 dollars for just $56!! Isn't that amazing!

On Wednesdays, TBS usually have some sort of a mega deal and this time they offered a 50% off on skin care products. Since, you know, my skin is experiencing problems due to the overly dry weather here causing blemishes and dry skin. I actually feared I would get wrinkles much sooner if I didn't invest in a skin care regimen that works and is also affordable. Since age prevention stuff is usually expensive, I thought about trying out The Body Shop for their skincare stuff since they use natural ingredients and try to make their products as close to nature as possible. Oh btw, the Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream has a Eco Cert label on it! Which means its totally organic and safe for us!

Here's what I got and their regular prices. :

Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream - $24
Vitamin C Skin Boost - $26
Natrulift Firming Night Cream - $36
Natrulift Softening Toner - $14
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser - $13

That totals up to $113 when I paid $56.50 plus taxes. Pretty good deal, isn't it! You may notice two night creams, I actually wanted to try both before I would decide which one to go with.

So overall, I enjoyed this bargain shopping and I would recommend signing up for TBS's email alerts and they keep telling you when its the right time to drop in the store!

Hope you enjoyed this! Keep me posted on what you think about the bargains I got! :)


  1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser is looking so amazing to me.. nice and full of fragrance haul

    1. Yea! It is! I shall review these in detail soon :)

  2. Always really found of bath and body shop but here in pakistan its really e xpensive and with no deals offered.

  3. great haul.sadly, in Pakistan sale means getting rid of stale products or the ones which are about to be expired.even international brand do it here.khair amazing deal you got there.now i know why my cousins who live abroad bring body shop products as gifts.lolz

  4. aaaah wish we had awesome deals like this in pakistan! :(