October 4, 2012

Elite Models Fragrance Collection

Introducing The Elite Fragrance Collection

As a world leading modelling agency, Elite is on the pulse of global beauty and style.  Throughout the world over, Elite Models are at the forefront of fashion’s trendsetters. With the launch of the Elite Models Fragrance Collection: get ready to globetrot!  Let the four evocative scents transport you to four of fashion’s hottest cities. Explore the world and make life your destination!

With over 40 years experience, Elite has discovered such icons as Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Gisele as well as the current runway stars Alessandra Ambrosio, Constance Jablonski, Sigrid Agren, Eniko Mihalik and Fei Fei Sun, Elite is constantly exploring the globe in search of new faces through its Elite Model Look contest, continually unveiling models of diverse origins, styles and personalities proving that ‘beauty’ cannot be defined in a single phrase. A world of looks is yours to discover and Elite, the global lifestyle brand will accompany you on your journey

The Elite Models Fragrance Collection
Paris, London, New York, Rio…  you can now experience a flavour of life in these happening fashion destinations with the Elite Models Fragrances, available from January 2012. 

Each evoking a different city, the four contemporary fragrances take you on a journey through four exciting metropolitan lifestyles.  Whatever your style, whatever your mood, you now have a fragrance to match!  Why settle when you can now express the real multifaceted you? You can experiment, have fun and spice up your life with these four new variants. 

For chic, eternal romantics who like to twist things up once in a while, revel in Paris Baby.  Feeling in the mood for an effervescent party?  Turn up the vibe with London Queen. Unleash the fiercely edgy urban princess within with New York Muse.  Ready for a fiery sensual experience?  Get gloriously glam with Rio Glam Girl.  With the new collection of Elite Models fragrances, get ready to live life to the full.  Life is not a simple journey. Life is my destination! Where would you like to go today?!

Inspired by the city of lovers, Paris Baby is a romantic, feminine fragrance with a twist.  Beautifully sensual, this delicate, sparkling floral has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that evokes the renowned Parisian chic.  The fragrance opens with a fresh fusion of apple, freesia and accord bellini, which uplifts and beguiles the senses.  At its heart, a modern bouquet of luminous white flowers - osmanthus, jasmine and orange blossom - delivers a pure elegance.  Finally, the fragrance melts into a creamy drydown of musk, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, adding warm and seductive tones.  Spray on when you’re feeling romantic and mischievous.

Celebrated for its nonconformist, eclectic, fashion-forward style and happening underground scene, London pulsates with energy.  Experience the dynamic essence of this cool capital with London Queen, a lively, sensual vanilla fragrance built around light floral and addictive fruity notes.  Initially, an invigorating trio of mandarin, bergamot and raspberry delivers a sparkling vitality.  This leads to a softly sensuous heart of plum, jasmine and exotic tiare tahiti before settling on an alluring base of warm vanilla and benzoin blended with musk.  The overall experience excites and exhilarates the senses.  For when you’re in the party-mood for mayhem!

Spray on New York Muse for a flavour of fast-moving life in the Big Apple.  This intense scent, with an urban feel, opens on a fruity green cocktail of lotus flower, gardenia leaves and blood orange.  This builds to a warm and floral heart of red peony and creamy violet fused with exotic velvet orchid for a touch of edgy elegance. Black vanilla, blended with patchouli and sensual musks, grants an oriental, slightly woody character to the base, creating a distinct and beguiling signature.  Spray it on for a blast of edgy, urban attitude.

Rio Glam Girl captures the vibrant, celebratory sprit of Rio, home of the carnival, sun-kissed beaches and electric nights. This playful, ultra-glam fragrance opens with vibrant açai berry and juicy starfruit for a delicious burst of joy.  At the heart, a voluptuous floral bouquet reveals delicate princess peony, jasmine and violet flower, creating a captivating feminine allure.  This is embellished by an intense and creamy drydown of sandalwood and palisander wood, adding a deep sensuality.  Perfect when you’ve got über-glam places to go to.  

Elite Models Style
The Elite Models Fragrance packaging makes a stunning fashion statement.  Exquisitely elegant, the feminine curves of each gently rounded glass bottle are in striking contrast with the sleek tall square black cap that projects into the heart of each flacon…after all, why conform to just one shape?   And because colour coordination is key to style success, each juice is tinted in its own distinctive hue, from soft pink to vibrant gold.

You’ll love the stylish look of the ultra-covetable fragrance boxes, which each capture the spirit of the four trend-setting cities. A vision of modern elegance, Paris Baby’s luscious white lace backdrop is accessorised with a chic, golden Eiffel Tower and a fluttering rose-tinted ribbon.  At the cutting-edge of cool, London Queen reigns supreme with its rockin’ hot pink, white and green polka dot design scattered with stylised crown motifs.  Evoking hip Manhattan nights, New York Muse is decorated with dynamic, shocking pink skyscrapers and bright lights against an intense black background.  And Rio Glam Girl is a burst of energy and colour packaged in a fuchsia box embellished with fiery animal prints overlain with an explosion of gold fireworks.

Elite Models Advertising
The stylish, vibrant essence of the fragrance collection is brought to life in the eye-catching print advertisement, which follows a stunningly gorgeous, on-trend model, full of energy, ready to experience the world, having fun as she works on a shoot, shops and parties with her friends in four of the most fashionable capitals !

Ready to take on the world?  Express yourself with the Elite Models Fragrance Collection:  four cities, four spirits, four scents.  Make the world your playground, and life your destination.


Elite, a world leading modelling agency, invites you on an olfactory journey to the world’s most trend-setting fashion capitals with the launch of the Esprit Models Fragrance Collection.  Inspired by the exciting lifestyles of Paris, London, New York and Rio, there’s a stylish, contemporary fragrance to suit your every changing mood. With Elite Models fragrances, make life your destination!

Paris Baby:                 Modern floral bouquet of luminous and sparkling white flowers                                                combined with a creamy drydown
London Queen:           A lively yet sensual vanilla fragrance created around floral and addictive fruity notes
New York Muse:        An intense, edgy fragrance that blends fruity green top notes with a warm, floral heart and an oriental, woody base
Rio Glam Girl:            A glamorous, vibrant fragrance built around a voluptuous floral bouquet

Range:                        Eau De Toilette 50ml
Perfumer:               Paris Baby: Vincent Schaller
                             London Queen: Marie Salamagne
                             New York Muse: Emilie Copperman
                             Rio Glam Girl: Christophe Raynaud

Pack Designer:           R PURE

Available:                    April 2012

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